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  1. Alabama Lou

    Electric Zoo Randalls Island this weekend

    Whats the claim peeps? Can I just drive in from Jersey and park free for a couple days? Scalp some tickets? Any NYC drivers do this event?
  2. Alabama Lou

    Ok guys who here sets the D/F for your house before you leave the driveway?

    Anyone? Set the time for however many hours you want to drive. What kind of rides will you get?
  3. Alabama Lou

    Stop driving in Jarsey !!!

  4. Alabama Lou

    Any NJ Drivers heading E/B on 80/24/78

    Notice the bombed out rigs dumping in the right lanes during storms? Towards the refiner Shit is straight up jack Must cost 10k to do that plus the wheelman.
  5. Alabama Lou

    Princeton is full of self entitled back-seat drivers.

    Go this way, go that way, come pick me up here, add a new stop, I dont have a phone...... These dummies need to buy their own car or get on a bus!
  6. Alabama Lou

    Chart DOW Monthly 18 Years

    Its time to load the short hedges on. Save yourself. Real money is ready for launch.
  7. Alabama Lou

    Go with your gut feeling

  8. Alabama Lou

    Uber Pool Ride Payout Tonight

    $1.54 My last Pool ride. Screwber...KMA!
  9. Alabama Lou

    Lyft COO Quits
  10. Alabama Lou

    Please Read Slowly

  11. Alabama Lou

    Beastie Boys

    Brooklyn 1561945553 I need to drive in Brooklyn. Can I sign up to drive in the Borough if Im from Jerz?
  12. Alabama Lou

    Uber App no sound and ping time too short.

    Gotta take eyes off the road in those short seconds.
  13. Alabama Lou

    Getting rear ejection seats installed...

    I have a good time driving and I like it for the most part. The pay sucks, and it's stressful but interesting. But I have hope because I know that both Uber and Lyft still have all drivers using their beta Applications, and the ship will eventually correct itself. And the 10% of passengers...
  14. Alabama Lou

    Anyone on Uber People use to sell full time on ebay?

    I sold on ebay sense 2000 or so. I stopped selling there. The management was manipulative and was always forcing new rules in place to control their sellers. They became ruthless. Did anyone else here do ebay full time and quit? Do you see any management similarities between Ebay and U/L?
  15. Alabama Lou

    Only local rides out of the EWK Pen.

    Have been using the holding lot at EWK this week and only getting short rides. Terminal pickups to drop off employees from surrounding towns. And Hotel to Car rental rides. Wait for an hour and get a 10 fare no tip pool. Tell me this is just a bad nightmare. U/L give me a good ride or two...
  16. Alabama Lou

    Uber ratings drop from 4.95 to 4.86 today.

    I did 15 trips today. I started the day at 4.95. Later in the day I check my ratings. Today I received ratings of 5,4,3,2,and 1 all within those 15 trips. Now my rating is 4.86. Anyone find this odd? I sure do.
  17. Alabama Lou

    Best Pork Roll Egg & Cheese in Jersey

    Slater Deli in Leonardo off of Rt. 36. Runner up: Gronski's Milk House in High Bridge. Both something to behold.
  18. Alabama Lou

    Whats with "Shore Rates"?

    I hear all you hotshots always talking about "Shore Rates". What are they?
  19. Alabama Lou

    Im going driving Saturday.

    I hope all my passengers are smart, friendly, and tip a lot. And maybe gas prices will be back under $2.00 by the time I get up. Sunny, 77 degrees with a cool breeze. And Dunkin will have free Ice Coffee all day, unlimited refills for Lyft and Uber drivers. And get a couple 200 mile fares.
  20. Alabama Lou

    Sunday Morning/Afternoon Lyft Results

    12 Rides 4h 55min 144 total driving miles. Edison NJ Area Ride 1 / 8:36 am Cancel $5.00 Ride 2 / 8:43 am 2.83 miles $3.71 Ride 3 / 9:02 am 5.98 miles $7.00 Ride 4 / 9:53 am 1.83 miles $3.71 Ride 5 / 10:03 am 2.56 miles $3.88 Ride 6 / 10:39 am 2.52 miles $3.71 Shared Ride 7 / 10:53 am 2.61...