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    So I take a month off...

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    Driving Uber while on Unemployment

    OK, I'll buy that. Worst thing that can happen is I realize that I'm doing it wrong and I can stop and take it to the professionals. Thank you for the advice! :-)
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    Driving Uber while on Unemployment

    Why? Any reason in particular?
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    "No need to tip" made sense in the beginning when rates were high. But then they kept lowering them over and over again so their tip Philosophy no longer has merit.
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    driver star ratings

    Yeah, I see that too. That's the first thing I always do at the end of the night… Go into my trip history, filter for one day, and trying figure out who – if any – give me a poor rating. They keep taking stuff away but they're not giving us much. Very annoying!
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    no surge no pickup tonight

    I'm just depressed! It's snowing and it's Saturday night so in the past, this would've been a good night. But I have absolutely no confidence that I would make any money this evening. Three months ago I would've expected to make $100 easy before 10 PM (my usual end time). Now, I can't help but...
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    Kicked off uber for 48 hours for not taking pool rides

    I got those same suggestions in my weekly summary. According to the rideshare guy, the suggestions are generated at random and have no relationship to any feedback you have personally received. So look at those as tips.
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    Driving Uber while on Unemployment

    I have not. Until the 1099 gets submitted to whomever it gets submitted to, nobody knows that I've been making income. Hopefully, as PriusGuy said, once all the expenses and deductions are taken out, it will come out under that amount. I don't know. I haven't decided whether or not to go to...
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    Driving Uber while on Unemployment

    I wonder if you truly can only make $213 a week or if it's averaged out over the course of your unemployment??? I've been on unemployment (also at the max of $426) since July but have only been doing Uber for about 3 months. There are weeks I made $600 and weeks I've made nothing (on average...
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    NYE (before midnight) - 9hrs, no tips, lame surges

    Whoever said that New Year's Eve is the biggest night of the year was full of crap! I worked for nine hours (3 PM to midnight) and made a whopping $130. I've made more than that on a standard night doing rush-hour through dinner. I am completely depressed and disappointed. If you made a killing...
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    Uber siding with the pax

    I had a pool ping, waited a minute, called and he said be right out, waited 2 more minutes (so now 3 min...1 more than we are supposed to wait) and since I already had another person waiting, I drove away and (since I was in a cul-de-sac) I had to turn around and drive past his house agai, at...
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    Surge Pricing Delays Adjustment

    That's a substantial amount of money. I don't think you will complicate your goal via email. It's worth it to go to the office and talk to someone directly. You'll get a resolution faster, you'll be able to speak with a supervisor, and it's harder to say no to someone in person. If you do go to...
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    Uber pool

    This isn't that complicated. Standard UberPool is available in certain areas of the city 24/7. In the suburbs, UberCommute, which displays as pool on our screen, is available Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 10 PM. That is why it appears to come and go. Theoretically, and the way it was...
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    Surge Pricing Delays Adjustment

    Mr5star: stop telling him to go confront Daryll. All that will result in is either the driver getting beat up or the passenger calling the police on him. Solomon: do not confront the pax directly. It would be stupid and dangerous.
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    Surge Pricing Delays Adjustment

    What you need to do is go to your local Uber office and talk to them directly. Because each CS will give a different answer, you need to go to the office and talk to the supervisor on duty.
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    The Chicago Experiment

    Same here. I was wondering why the map wasn't painting. I didn't see any searches until after 11 or 12, and like you said, only up near Wrigley. So let me get this straight, now they want to take away search pricing while simultaneously introducing programs that lower our income (cool). Is that...
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    Xmas Eve and Xmas

    I was going to drive both days but change of plans. Going out of town.
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    Chicago UberPool Goes Live; Accompanied With A Rate Cut

    In the last few days I've had multiple pool requests on a surge. While I don't really see the logic in a pax requesting pool when it is surging (why not just wait a few minutes until the surge ends because you obviously don't have time issues), I figure a pool ride at 1.4 or better equals out to...
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    Keep your ducks in a row if going to airports

    Let me tell you about CS: there is no rhyme or reason to how they answer questions. If you contact CS again, you'll get someone else, and they will give you an entirely different answer. What I would suggest, is to keep contacting them until you get a satisfactory answer. Especially, if you have...
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    Passengers who don't know where they are

    The other day, I was in Oak Brook, and got a ping for someone who was at Oakbrook Centre. I sent her a text asking her where she was specifically (I hate that when someone puts in a location that is huge and doesn't provide details of where). She called me and said she was at the corner of the...