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  1. Joesmith2012

    So I got a message I can get $500

    Anybody have insight on what that's all about? I'm a bit suspicious of it, I'm leaning towards a no on this. I'm pretty sure all this money is going to increase my tax liability.
  2. Joesmith2012

    Are we having fun yet

    Rating dropped from 100 to 98 for no reason in the last two days. I know people are stressed but come on don't take it out on the delivery person. Oh and don't get me started on the traffic people driving like mad. Fun times I right
  3. Joesmith2012

    Maybe shouldn't outsource IT to Asia

    Just a thought because it looks like all the Uber tech support stayed home today probably all have the coronavirus and the app is just bonkers now, it's bananas, yeah nice job outsourcing everything, enjoy losing millions in business and never becoming profitable
  4. Joesmith2012

    Could our lives get any worse 1580204926 Man everybody please be careful out there so whatever it takes to protect yourself. I do carry pepper spray, but sometimes I'm lazy and leave it. I do...
  5. Joesmith2012

    So taking retribution suggestions

    So what do y'all suggest, egg their house slash their tires brick through the window?
  6. Joesmith2012

    So ARE you sure drivers should make drinks

    So this just happened me and another driver waiting on some pizzas but sorta long wait so we both head to the men's room, he did his business and just walked right out, not even a rinse or a splash. So yeah imagine him making your drink and touching the top of the cup and slapping the cap on...
  7. Joesmith2012

    Wait you guys were getting paid how much?

    Are you sure you guys weren't getting over paid before the pay cut? Showing off those $15 trips, I've never even seen those before. Since summer I rarely see pays over $8 now even when I'm hauling food way across town, so I'm super baffled what you guys are even talking about. I would say...
  8. Joesmith2012

    Are you freaking joking go to a tailgate

    Yeah the customer had me deliver to a football tailgate took me 15 mins to navigate into the parking lot, multiple check points and cops stopping me and asking me questions, got to the customer then had to navigate my way out all for $3, I was so tempted to toss the food right on the ground in...
  9. Joesmith2012

    I have to stop chasing McDonald's surges

    Will I ever learn my lesson yesterday saw a $12 min at mcondalds but it was pretty far away 15 mins through some pretty rough traffic, I got there and they looked at me with blank faces they don't have any orders. I doubt the tablet was even on. But how can I argue they barely spoke any English...
  10. Joesmith2012

    Yikes the app is so broken

    I declined a McDonald's job and it just continue to keep sending to do the same job. Yikes man dear lord, and they claim to be a "technology" company yeah my arse
  11. Joesmith2012

    It's sad how uber is so mismanaged

    So beginning of the summer the boost was still in effect, and in June deliveries did dropped off, so I was expecting boosts to lower. But plenty of drivers on the road so customers often complimented me and uber stating the deliveries always so quick under 30 mins. Fast forward to now there is...
  12. Joesmith2012

    I guess Uber wants us to use XRay vision now

    Got this message to check the items well how in the world do I do so if most of the time bags are seals up or tied up, if I open it then its a tampering with food complaint. Plus I have no clue what to even check for, do you know the difference between a Ariana Grande sandwich and a Micheal...
  13. Joesmith2012

    Don't cha just love that UE pay?

    Posting to show that I got uber boy beat with his $3 lowest trip
  14. Joesmith2012

    Wow I love Uber I'm getting $10,000!!!

    Jay Kay! I wish haha would be nice though
  15. Joesmith2012

    So other drivers warned me about Postmates and I didn't listen

    So numerous drivers have warned me not to try Postmates but I didn't listen and still gave it a go. And boy talk about pure garbage heap dumpster fire. Most of the deliveries have been to fast food Taco and etc. The pings are always across town, drive 25 mins, show up wait in line to be served...
  16. Joesmith2012

    Well looks like PM fixing the stealing problem, will UE follow

    So I saw that Postmates some delivery makes you scan and take a pic of their ID for delivery therefore it's documented the delivery was made. I wonder if UE will follow suit to stop the fraud from customer lying and or drivers stealing food
  17. Joesmith2012

    Since I like you guys, here is basics for taxes

    Here are some tips, 1 you must report everything as earnings on your 1099s, I received 2 1099s so I have to list and report both, you must do so because Uber sends that earnings number to the IRS and they use a matching program to match what you report. 2 you report all the amount on the 1099s...
  18. Joesmith2012

    Uber/Lyft forcing ADA dogs, but I'm allergic

    So we can be deactivated for not taking Assist dogs, but I have strong allergies with dogs ever since I was a child. So is uber going to pay for my $300 epi pen, are they going to reimburse me for the ER bills when I go into anaphylactic shock, my face swells up, hives all over and I can't...
  19. Joesmith2012

    So sad Uber programmers have no common sense

    So I got a ping and drive 10 mins to restaurant, then got another ping for a second batch pick up, 1st order ready and just sitting there, so I had to wait for 2nd order almost 15mins, start trip, second order to be delivered first, and it was a tall apartment building, finally got to the...
  20. Joesmith2012

    So what are your pet peeves

    For some reason it drives me up the wall when the restaurant person asks to check the order off my phone. They don't seem to understand we don't get the details, we get a vague and basic summary and we usually don't even see all the items on our lists. So yeah you know that tablet uber sent...