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  1. mikatl55

    Ridiculous Airport Rates

    New part-time driver. Did my first airport run yesterday. Cost PAX $42 total (didn't tip). Comparable taxi fare...$85 - $95. Was already a bargain at prior rates...about $52. They "hourly" rate for driver isn't bad on the $42 part of trip, but that gets halved if you have no returning PAX...
  2. mikatl55

    Ratings Detail

    Will Uber give you any details on ratings received on a specific day? How quickly do new ratings get factored into your overall score? My rating dropped from 4.92 to 4.67 overnight. I did 3 trips last night before 2AM EST and 5 more trips today after 7AM. I assume the ratings from last...
  3. mikatl55

    Advice Please - Text to PAX

    I was winding down on Tuesday evening and got hit with a 60-mile ride request. Worked it out but would have preferred to have just avoided it. There are times when I dont want long rides. Would I get in trouble with Uber if I sent text to Pax as soon as I receive request that says something...
  4. mikatl55

    What's up with ATL Tonight? No Surges

    I've seen almost no Surges in ATL from 5-10p this evening. Is that what others are seeing too? ATL must be flooded with drivers who have been waiting to work the weekend. Ugh. Mike
  5. mikatl55

    Anyone driving Volvo XC on Select/XL?

    Anybody driving a Volvo XC90? Mike
  6. mikatl55

    Lyft Atlanta - Coverage Area

    Did Lyft recently expand its coverage area in Atlanta? I started to apply in May and was told the coverage area stopped at Sandy Springs / Dunwoody on the north side (don't recall if I checked map). I looked at the Lyft app this week and coverage area now extends to Alpharetta and Johns Creek...
  7. mikatl55

    Driving XL in Atlanta

    For those driving XL in Atlanta, what % of your trips are for 1-4 pax vs 5-6 pax? Thanks, Mike
  8. mikatl55

    Vehicles the Qualify for XL and Select?

    What vehicles qualify for both XL and Select that are available used for under $20,000? I see 4 on the Atlanta list...2008-2010 versions of the Acura MDX, Buick Enclave, Cadillac SRX, and the Volvo XC90. The 2008 Tourage and Audi Q7 actually make it too but don't seem optimal. Anyone know...
  9. mikatl55

    Anyone driving GMC Acadia on Select?

    Has anyone been succesful in getting a GMC Acadia (with leather) approved for Select? I saw one post a while back where author stated they were driving Acadia on Select but I could never verify this. Thanks, Mike
  10. mikatl55

    Uber SELECT vs Uber XL - Pax Expectations?

    I'm curious what other Uber drivers think on this issue: Is someone who orders SELECT more interested in the hood ornament on the car (Mercedes, BMW, etc) or a comfortable, upscale ride? As someone who has taken over 100 business rides in some type of "black car" (mostly in NYC, ATL and...
  11. mikatl55

    Getting "Unlisted" Vehicle Approved?

    Has anyone successfully obtained approval for a vehicle that was not on the existing lists? Website says something like "Unlisted vehicles can be considered on a one-off basis". I sent in a request today about an Uber Select vehicle and received a useless response referring me to the posted...
  12. mikatl55

    Uber XL - Mazda CX-9 or KIA Sorento EX?

    I have been planning to get an SUV to replace my existing car and want to get one that qualifies for UBER XL. This will be my primary vehicle and would likely do max of 20 hours of UBER per week. Two vehicles I'm considering are the 2012 Kia Sorento EX - 4 cylinder w/ 3rd row seats and the 2011...
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  14. mikatl55

    Mazda CX-9 or KIA Sorento for Uber XL?

    I have been planning to get an SUV to replace my existing car, but have been in no rush. If/when I buy, will purchase something 2 - 4 years old, $20,000 or less. Now, also thinking about doing UBER part time and want to get an SUV that qualifies for UBER XL. This will be my primary vehicle...