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  1. Alabama Lou

    Big gambling blunder

    I used to gamble quite a bit but I know better now. My worst casino experience was playing a Martingale Strategy on a Craps table Field Bet. I would just play the come line until the field bets missed 3 or 4 times then put the minimum bet up. If that lost I would just keep doubling the bet until...
  2. Alabama Lou

    Has anyone tried other side hustles

    Garage Sales, Estate Sales and Flea Markets. Start with 100$ Be the first person in line or at the sales. Focus only on finding Gold & Silver Jewelry & Holloware/Flatware. There is tons of it out there. Pay under scrap price for any gold & silver. Find other items to flip on eBay. Dont spend...
  3. Alabama Lou

    Food for thought

    Da Fillipos in Somerville NJ had a cuttlefish in black squid ink pasta sauce that made my jimmy jump.
  4. Alabama Lou

    What do you guys avg per hour nowadays

    $1.25 every ten minutes.......easy
  5. Alabama Lou

    Should I collect cans instead

    In all honesty, if you have a pickup truck and drive 4 hours a day picking up roadside scrap metal you will do the same if not better than both Lyft/Uber. I live in a town with 2 metal scrapyards. I see pickup loads in and out all day, every day. I also know people who do this every week and...
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  7. Alabama Lou

    Tlc drivers shut down fdr north bound. This almost brings a tear to my eyes

    Good job boys! Cars look nice. Great pic!!
  8. Alabama Lou

    What happen on second ave &36st

    ? ?
  9. Alabama Lou

    Uber and Lyft close at record lows as investors lose faith in ride-sharing companies

    They both still look like epic shorts. To the hole. I got better long trades atm.
  10. Alabama Lou

    The downfall of Travis

  11. Alabama Lou

    The downfall of Travis

  12. Alabama Lou

    Newark and Jersey City are officially among the worst places to drive in America

    If you hit the potholes fast enough you dont event feel em. All roads in the US need some improvement....LOL!!
  13. Alabama Lou

    Toddler Kidnapped By Uber Driver In Pittsburgh

    This is a terrible story. People are crazy!
  14. Alabama Lou

    Vehicles with Engine Stop Stop Feature

    It turns itself on automatically if you have accesoris After every restart. It can be coded out but not doing it.
  15. Alabama Lou

    Vehicles with Engine Stop Stop Feature

    I just hit the shut off button above the ignition button.
  16. Alabama Lou

    Electric Zoo Randalls Island this weekend

    Whats the claim peeps? Can I just drive in from Jersey and park free for a couple days? Scalp some tickets? Any NYC drivers do this event?
  17. Alabama Lou

    Vehicles with Engine Stop Stop Feature

    I had to turn mine off. Makes the car feel like hard braking when the engine cuts off. Drives me nuts.
  18. Alabama Lou

    I found a dead Uber driver.

    Wow, sad story whatever happened. Hope it wasn't foul play.