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  1. Buckiemohawk

    Mears taxi/luxury vehicle Rentals 25% discount

    50 percent off wow.... trying to stop the loss. Did Star Taxi collapse? Any other gossip?
  2. Buckiemohawk

    Due to Corona-Virus I Had To.......

    I wouldn't break the law in Kissimmee, Pookie has told me about the jail there and how terrible it is. They rather get arrested in Polk county.
  3. Buckiemohawk

    I cancelled 3 Lyft rides in a Row

    oh nice, in a few days I expect to hear you crying about getting a warning for improper conversation or something else.
  4. Buckiemohawk one will travel anymore?

    round trips to Asian countries are under 800 dollars
  5. Buckiemohawk

    Orlando Uber Driver Kills Passenger in Crash

    Let's go get high and drive is the Uber motto, passengers often ask if i smoke mary jane and I go nope. You want someone who is inebriated driving you....
  6. Buckiemohawk

    Thank you Peter for writing it for us...

    Nothing new in that article
  7. Buckiemohawk

    Disney Minnie Vans

    I think its 250 to 300 to port, but they only had like 4 that went off property and it had to be scheduled. I can't believe people are still taking those things
  8. Buckiemohawk

    Hey nasty lady: you earned ONE star

    in taxi i would take drunks with uber never 1582300056
  9. Buckiemohawk

    Mears job fair (Friday 2/21) 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

    I got a job with a full pension, union and 20 bucks an hour driving old folks around on a route. I will stay here.
  10. Buckiemohawk

    How Long Can Uber Last?

    Ive said we won't truly know until the third quarter of 2020 of whether the brick wall will be hit or not. I can tell you this, if your driving for them, they are robbing you blind especially lyft.
  11. Buckiemohawk

    Lyft Pays $10.00

    nope not free either... total rip off
  12. Buckiemohawk

    Lyft Pays $10.00

    So in the month of October lyft made 4,200 dollars off of me driving for them. while i made 1800 dollars and thats not my gas or cleaning products
  13. Buckiemohawk

    Does Lyft care about abusive drivers?

    Well Ben was smarter than... and abusive is not driving off. It's common sense.
  14. Buckiemohawk

    25 mile surge ride

    For some drivers, with Lyft they make more money, same with me when I drove for them
  15. Buckiemohawk

    Lyft Pays $10.00

    I can't believe people drive for these companies and think they are making money.
  16. Buckiemohawk

    Got picked for random drug test

    The thing is back before rideshare showed up, we never cared we were independent contractors. all we cared about was making that precious dough. And it was plentiful with some to throw around. When your making money at a great price and your making easily most months out of the year. You don't...
  17. Buckiemohawk

    Got picked for random drug test

    they now do random drug test like wtf lmao. The new owners know how to waste money.
  18. Buckiemohawk

    Attention Ubertaxi/Mears- lux/Uber black drivers. (Especially the former ones) 1099s

    i got mine... i wondered about the other one. How is the old city cab doing. I heard the new owners want to sell and they started getting rid of high cost overhead like Chuckie Carnies
  19. Buckiemohawk

    People in Jail Get Better Facilities Than Rideshare Drivers

    When I signed up to drive a cab, they did a full FBI background check. Nothing slipped by them. They knew where i lived and everything. You didn't get to drive for them with felony or even certain misdemeanors. UBEr, backlogs the check and thats why you get all these crazy stories.
  20. Buckiemohawk

    Uber shares climb after CEO moves up profitability forecast. Uber ⬆️ 4.6%

    They can become profitable by being the best but they wont, the pay cuts that are coming will finish them