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  1. Brainsplash

    1hr timeout

    Was put on a 1hr timeout this morning. Fuber can burn in hell.
  2. iheartuber

    New kind of timeout

    Noticed it tonight When you go offline you are put on an automatic 30 min timeout You log back on and you have to wait 30 min for your first ping. After that if you remain online you get ping after ping but go offline again and you’re back at the 30 min timeout
  3. iheartuber

    The Timeout Perfect Storm

    So this is how timeouts work, as I learned tonight. There could be (and there usually are) not just one but multiple strikes against you that aren’t necessarily uber’s (or anyone’s) fault. It just is what it is. Example: tonight there was some kind of UCLA frat party in century city. I know...
  4. N

    Coming out of a timeout.....

    Have you noticed as soon as your timeout is over, you get the ####est pings? I decline one or two of those and got put into another timeout. I guess uber is telling me to accept the worst rides everybody rejected or go home. Do you think logging off the app is better than staring at “its...
  5. yomomma

    Lyft LAX timeout

    Lyft hate driivers who only do LAX. You enable last ride after each LAX ride, and there is a timeout for a couple of hours before you get another bonus. Goes to show these clowns are more interested in control than making money. I thought this type of manipulation is class action material?
  6. G

    Informal lock outs here

  7. Last Ant Standing

    1hr timeout

    How did you know they put you on a timeout?
  8. I

    No more AR

    So their timeout is derientely real. Two people stood together same place with same destination. Person who hasn’t gotten the message got 5 pings, person who did got 1. Considering they did this one day after Lyft I staled their 30 minute timeout, this is collusion.
  9. Malone33

    Me in Timeout

    Sitting in surge - no rides. Maybe it’s cuz I declined a $5 from 20 mins ago.
  10. T

    Informal lock outs here

    Does your car show on the passenger app? If not, then you're in a timeout.
  11. bobby747

    Uber up to no good again

    next if pass says something. we must sit in a corner .(timeout 15 minutes)
  12. SydSlave


    The submission must have completed even though you got timeout message. I think you just have to wait now for them to verify documents etc
  13. Stugotz790

    Informal lock outs here

    I’m on timeout as we speak in a busy area. I’ve gone about 12 minutes without a ride.
  14. Kurt Halfyard

    DEBATE: Full-Time Minimum Wage vs. Full-Time Uber Driver

    This thread just got a 12h timeout. Take a break guys.
  15. C


    Im not so sure they didn't remove the phone appointment part during the day today. If it was in my submission I would still have to fill it out, timeout error or not. How on earth are they going to call every person trying to claim benefits? That's conservatively 250,000 calls.
  16. Chocoholic

    I Hope Nobody Picked Up Any Short Rides Today

    Interesting question. Next question would be this: How many drivers can they put on timeout before there aren't enough drivers in the area to cover requests?
  17. NauticalWheeler

    Uber "timeout" is no joke

    ...with some declines. I just dont want to do a 5 minute trip, especially when I see that it's a Wal-Mart pickup. I wonder if the cancellation "timeout" has anything to do with my cancellations being the one "Uber Pro" that I am out of line on. I also wonder If Uber is aware that there are too...
  18. Bubsie

    Uber may pay quarantined drivers

    How do they figure out the rate they pay you for the 14 days of timeout? Average of your last x number of weeks?
  19. W

    I Hope Nobody Picked Up Any Short Rides Today

    Is Uber putting people on timeout for not taking short trips?
  20. iheartuber

    Dear Uber (I know you read UP)

    Go ahead put me on a hidden but not so hidden timeout If I need to decline 20+ rides I will