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    Question about UI

    Guys so my friend who did his application, got a confirmation # at the end and none of us got that I’m assuming. They said he could start claiming his benefits starting next Wednesday. Does he have to call or submit his 1099? Also, do you guys think he could’ve done something wrong on the...
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    Live look at how dead it’s out there

    For you ants out there WHY ARE YOU GUYS OUT THERE CASES GROWING AND GROWING ON THE DAILY. Everyone stay inside so we could go out in the summer cus I’m going nuts staying home already 😂😭 not a single job in the city, boroughs, airports .... and this time on a regular day base would be stripped...
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    Stay home.

    If this pic doesn’t discourage you Idk what else would. Plus there’s cops on every single block
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    If tlc DONT stop with these emails...

    They’re sending the same @@@@ing email every single day! They already know there is no @@@@ing sanitizers/wipes and they should provide it to us since they’re more concerned over our vehicles than us. @@@@ing money hungry pigs 🐷
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    CUNY/SUNY colleges closing

    Most of them are closing tomorrow and the rest are closed by next Thursday. Business will be majorly @@@@ed up, they also need to shut down subways.
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    State troopers pulling over

    On 34th as soon as you get out of the tunnel/3rd ave. Pulled over a tlc venza.
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    kid was my sons age ... got famous and it hasn’t be a whole year. Made it out of the hood to die in LA. Mixed UK drill and rap together 😢 RIP young king
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    @@@@ing you more ways brought to you by Uber! (part 2)

    My boy just sent me this
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    Via @@@@ing shit up even more.

    Lol even tho I know a lot of y’all don’t do via or go to lga, something to share
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    Something to make ya laugh

    The irony of this 😂😂😂
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    More ways to take our money.

    Everyone getting [email protected]@@@ed even more
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    Juno taking $120, if you kept their phone.

    Juno took out $120 for not returning their phone... check to make sure *Warning* - unitxero There is no way to return the JUNO phone now. Two options: 1) Close your bank account and open a new one. 2) If they take $120, you will have to fight with your bank to get the charge reversed...
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    Pigs spotted

    Spotted by the downtown DMV
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    Shumacker is this your doppelgänger?

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    Only real ones will remember

    This is what the rates looked like when I started with uber in October 2013.
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    I seen way tooooo many posts about this damn lockout. Why don’t you guys drive for a base at this point?... smh beyond me. Look at this pic, one of our zones aka 108 had 60 jobs and then you can see the other zones are stripped too.
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    Some laughs for you guys

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    Another BS rule. It’s really a no mans land here now FOR REAL.
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    Why are they trying to arrest the driver? That’s some bullshit, he did what he had to do. So now we can’t even protect ourselves? This is insane. Thank god our...
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    It’s so slow guys... where should I go??? I do Lyft and Uber Fool but no pings either. Should I get candy and water for more pings? Where should I wait for calls because I’m a Manhattan lover. Can I cancel rides?? Daddy uber tells me to take all the shit from the pax because they’re my Kings...