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  1. 2smart2drive

    Are Rideshare drivers eligible for getting 1.2 k Check ?

    YES. “Every WORKING adult” (not every WORKER => employee)) will receive $1,200 stimulus grant — but IRS needs your 2019 (or 2018, if 2019 haven’t been filed yet) — your latest Federal Tax returns’ “adjusted gross income” is what .gov will go by. Every American under $75,000 (exception: legally...
  2. 2smart2drive

    Is anyone making any money? I see no calls at all everything is closed.

    Amazon IS how virus will continue to spread here. Ordering goods “Made In China” online, to be delivered to thousands of houses by the same tight group of people isn’t much safer. Unless left outside for a 48 hours ‘porch quarantine’ — since the packages can’t ‘self-quarantine’ themselves 📦 📦 📦...
  3. 2smart2drive

    IRS is auditing me for 2017 tax year

    As an independent, you 100% can add your own miles, used — while working — between the rides, in order to turn around heading closer to your home, say; or towards ‘busier’ hot sports — all maneuvers done off your main driving app(s) are as legit.
  4. 2smart2drive

    Does the public look at rideshare drivers as pathetic losers?

    “Public” will always scan YOU. Don’t appear or behave like the one (‘looser’) — and they won’t. Very simple.
  5. 2smart2drive

    No more ratings?

  6. 2smart2drive

    Coronavirus made LAX great again.

    “Make UBER Great Again” — in signature colors: black hat with white slogan. Sell them to short-distance riders — to balance-out Uber’s $2.99 booking fee ;))
  7. 2smart2drive

    LAX Pigpen - Are we about to get moved again?

    Are you saying that “there is no there there” — that Uber simply corrected their own map (to better the actual LAX-it boundaries)??? Simple as that? 1582157740 It’s the new Quarantine Zone: to accommodate the arriving Corona-virus folks...
  8. 2smart2drive

    Angriest Pax I ever saw........Anybody had anything even close to this?

    Buddha-Driver, reincarnated!!!
  9. 2smart2drive

    Uber is charging more commission with no transparency in it's billing

    Welcome to the family ;)) Here, in California, it’s 60% cut for the short-distance rides (for example). Cheer on & accept. Or start revolution.
  10. 2smart2drive

    Favorite driver request?

    About a month ago Uber, indeed, mentioned they are “looking to add ‘the favorite driver” requests to the app”. In my personal experience (I’m in OC) — it was added. I’ve used it several times.
  11. 2smart2drive

    4 passengers 2 stops, food crumbs $2.64

    Uber LOVES SHORT RIDES: a quick turn-around, plus 60% cut from each ride — including $2.99 Booking Fee (HIDEN from drivers as of last month, to sweeten the pill).
  12. 2smart2drive

    Uber shuts downtown L.A. office

    He’s referring to the all-time high stock market gains (under Trump). However, for most of Americans it’s ‘life as-usual’ and somewhat unchanged from 20 years back :/
  13. 2smart2drive

    Is your pay on Uber increased to $0.28 per min as well?

    It’s still the old ($0.60 & $0.21) pay, presented to you in a different way — so YOU FEEL BETTER (about your pay rates) — that’s all. The same way Uber eliminated the “$2.99 booking fee” from their per-ride pay-statements to drivers — to HIDE Uber’s ACTUAL 60% cut from each ‘short-distance’...
  14. 2smart2drive

    LAX Pigpen - Are we about to get moved again?

    Noticed it (LAX-it borders expansion) too, last night...
  15. 2smart2drive

    A new reason to accept trips

    Sadly, so very true...
  16. 2smart2drive

    Two of the best articles/posts I have read. The idiot pilot got Kobe killed.

    Maybe... I don’t know enough about hell machines, to form a personal opinion... if you are right (and it’s the human error) — it would be TOO DUMM SAD :frown:(( PS: if not the engine, but the people — who knows, maybe it was Kobe who kept insisting to move forward (get to Mamba on time for the...
  17. 2smart2drive

    Unjustly Fired

    In case on an accident it’s a temporary mandatory hold — not some Terminator-style deactivation. Assuming, you car is damaged from the accident — until your show up at the GreenHub with an undamaged car again, with documents supporting certified repairs — not sure is another “19-points vehicle...
  18. 2smart2drive

    Two of the best articles/posts I have read. The idiot pilot got Kobe killed.

    Drove FAA dude to LAX, who said: “they’re investigating engine failure (having reasons to do so), alongside ‘fog & visibility’ challenges leading to human error...”.
  19. 2smart2drive

    Surge siting yesterday !!!