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    Zero pings. Did i mess something up?

    Android. Sent a message to tuber tech support 12 hrs ago. Made appointment at uber office but its over an hour away in another city.
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    Zero pings. Did i mess something up?

    Last week uber emailed me saying there was a brief period where I could not accept a call and they were crediting me with $12.89. I never even realized it or ask for anything.I am in a smaller uber market but on an 10 hr daytime shift I avg 8- 14 pings. I had zero Friday? Saturday on line at...
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    Where are the fares

    Its Friday. Turned on uber in huber around 9am. Drove to miamaisburg to see my. To beavercreek home depot. Back to huber about 1230. Turned it off to cut the grass. Back on at 130. Its now 245pm in Kettering area. Not a single uber even sitting in my sweet spot. 4.86 rating Overall. . 5.0 last...
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    Dayton Update

    Long term 2000 plus trips Dayton here. While Saturdays are good rest of the week very unpredictable. Last week on a Tuesday 8 trips including springboro. Then Cincinnati from north Dayton. $150. From about 11 to 8. Today Friday since 930am till 2pm 6 trips all taking people to work. $24. Sweet...
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    Never Return Items

    Maybe I am the lucky one. Been a driver 14 mths. 1850 trips No lost items the first year. Then a leather coat left by an older drunk that threw tip money at me. Was $35. Returned coat $20 tip. Ladies running jacket $5 Bag on back seat from a 25 mile airport ride. $20. Maybe its a smaller market...
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    Miles too much???

    2005 Honda element 232301 miles. Riders don't believe it. By the way.Never buy a hybrid. New battery s cost $2800 to 3400 . Is it worth it.? Wife has accord hybrid Not when you need 3k for a battery
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    Lyft in Dayton

    Pax told me this. Morning he heard Lyft is coming to Dayton. They are looking for drivers. Anyone hear that? Lyft won't accept my model car but I have 230k miles. Might be worth a new car
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    ud students

    Not that I am aware of. Read that the pax can see what we rate them almost immediately. Bad thing if true. We rate them low they rate us low. Anyone know if that is true?
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    ud students

    I've been a driver for 13 months. 1750 trips. Trust me I have did my share of ud and wsu students. Hundreds of trips with drunk ud students. I averaged about 4.84 rating with students. Have did less students lately. Less time close to campus. My rating is 4.87 today. Rarely do students go far...
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    Guaranteed pay question

    My city Dayton got hit wuth the guarantee pay system winter rates. Just happened Thursday but other then now making .85 instead of 1.20 im confused. GuaranteefGuaranteed $10 at slowest times and must except 90% of the rides. I get that. Is there a number of fares per hour min to qualify. On a...
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    Fare Cut

    Hey. I'll ask for your 10 cents worth. Hell make it 20 cents. The amount of the cut. But i have been a driver for 11 months. Avg lately 35-40 hrs on line few at home sitting and work 48 hr regular job. I am doing a few more trips and same money. And yes there are days i say no more students...
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    Wait. You all talk to each other? Meet? Eat? And uber once bought you food? I know things are different in Columbus from Dayton. You have that p2p thing. Inspections i hear. The u in your window. And probably a local office. We have none of these things. And I've been a driver 10 mths and never...
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    USAA Offers Insurance for Ridesharing Drivers in Ohio

    Uber Annie you are amazing with your knowledge. Thanks so much for the info. I am a usaa member but don't currently have their insurance as it was not the best deal. I will check them out soon as my policy is up next month. Thanks
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    Hello Fellow Dayton, Ohio drivers.

    My car is a 2005. I just sent in my new registration to uber a month ago n it went through
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    New guy here

    Wait. I don't do face book. What am i missing on there?
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    Taxi License Required for Dayton Uber Drivers

    I was stopped by the ud cops because i forgot to turn my headlights on. Said uber driver and he never ask. Stopped by huber heights cop for speeding and he actually let me go because we keep drunks off the street and their job easier. No mention of taxi license either time. Are they expensive...
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    I have a 6 month old lg phone and have t-t-mobile. I have went to t mobile about this n they said clear recent pages often. Keep text page minimal n re boot daily. I can lose signal on a sunny day in the city and still have bars. Not a tech person. Uber is my highest tech level. Any...
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    Anyone tell me how to switch to waze from google maps. Google maps loses signal alot and am constantly relying on my tomtom. I have an android phone. Do i have to download the app or is the option somewhere inside uber. Thought i saw it once but can't find it now. Thanks
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    on the local fox 45 news

    The dayton daily said there are 1000 drivers in dayton. If so where were they today. Friday. At 4-530. Three pings in a row all 15-17 mins away. I want business but come on.
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    New guy here

    Welcome. I live in huber. Do you get many pings in troy? Very few from home in huber.