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    Recommendations for fixing a bent wheel

    Cross island tire in Queens village. They used to charge me 75 to fix a rim back in the day. Dont know about now though.
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    Crazy surge due to Uber outtage?

    Noones getting pings. If u do get a ping its canceled after a few seconds. I hope someone hacked those @@@@ers.
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    EV Battery Breakthrough: Twice The Range, Five Minutes To Charge

    Us taxis probably will need ice cars and hybrids for longer. The range of even the best electric cars, as bad as it is currently, is usually less than advertised even for a regular person and the charging times are overestimated too. Taxi drivers put their cars through hell every single day...
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    no of trips??

    Somewhere in the mid twenties. Maybe once or twice. I rarely do more than 20 trips. Really do not want to.
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    Let's Talk About the Lockout

    It's basically 2 trips per hour, the average number of trips you can expect in this business but only if it's busy. Because of traffic it takes quite a while to drive to a pick up, wait for the passenger to arrive, etc... The number that Uber is demanding; 425 trips for February, a short month...
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    Protest at the mayors office August 5 at noon!

    Yeah cap must stay. This biz is like lion life in the african forrests. Lion pride must protect their territory. Its harsh for the renters but its also a blessing in disquise. You dont want to be doing this. I dream of the day i dont have to be in this business anymore.
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    i can still log on lyft

    I guess u dont have the latest updated app. Once u are forced to update it you will be in the same boat as the rest of us.
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    3.6 surge

    Been on 11th ave for 10 mn and getting no requests. Seeing lots of empty cars too. So fake surge probably.
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    Uber working hard to lift TLC cap

    The ban needs to stay. Too many cars were added at the deadline. They have to take that in consideration. Business is slow anyway so anyone thinking of joining please go do something else.
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    Manhattan haters.

    Agree with this the most. As a resident long islander I prefer to work east, but if someone is taking me to manhattan you best believe I'm gonna stay there. But I strongly dislike driving there, and brooklyn is the worst, bushwick and bed stuy aka cheap people city are all terrible imho, always...
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    Selling my 2017 Camry

    Just list it on autotrader or You will get a feel for what the market for that car is really like. If the offers are too few or too little then you can adjust price or sell it to manheim for tradein value.
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    Juno is finished ! Now For sale

    Theyve just sent this. I guess gett told them to drop it
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    Do not click that button that Lyft sent in their email!

    These are actual Via rates? Aren't all the app companies supposed to use the same utilization rate until it gets reevaluated again about 5 months from now? And why the hell would anyone drive for Via at those rates?
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    Fuber officially just removed the destinations

    For some reason mine is still on...
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    Do not click that button that Lyft sent in their email!

    If anyone clicks on that button then you’ve got to be the greatest idiot known in the history of mankind.
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    So the freaking New York Giants Traded Odell Beckham??

    Obj, landry, baker mayfield in cleveland. Thats gonna be one explosive passing offense. Browns are no longer a joke.
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    This is why no one wants to pick up at JFK. You have stupid people like this who can't even locate your car. I don't even have a black Camry. SMH

    I hate it when they talk over you. Hate it with a passion! Funny video. And with insta ping it makes it a lot harder to cancel for sure.
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    Dashcam:I got a ticket for reckless driving for doing this!

    Yeah i wouldnt call that reckless driving. Just normal nyc driving but the judge will beg to differ i think. Also he didnt run the red light. He was technically already through the intersection. I believe if you have 2 wheels past the crosswalk and the light turns red you are ok. At least...
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    SMH... Airport Hack.

    They can easily detect it by reviewing your trip log. If you have too many back to back airport trips within a short amount of time it will be flagged and your ass is gonna be caught. Also once you use this device you probably need another phone if you want to do trips while the other one has...
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    How's the Uber algorithm work?

    I think it changes every day. It seems they have the ability to turn off surge whenever they want, even if demand is high. They don't care. Some days I only get long trips, but most days I only get shorties. Some days you are sitting smack in the middle of a dead red surge zone and get...