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    Lyft rental damage

    A buddy of mine (not me!!) recently ran over a large curb, (no pax involved) did a significant amount of damage (scratches) and is scared that if he makes a claim or goes to renew, that he won't be able to get another vehicle. Thoughts?
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    4 person airport pool

    Best guess: that would never happen. Theoretically, you would get paid for the longest fare, but if you're going in 4 different directions, there would have to be a total of only 3 drivers on the road in the entire valley with 2 of them already having other fares and a 1,500% surge. However...
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    Airport Queue (noob)

    Simple query... Not to sound like Seinfeld, but what's with all the "tailgate parties" on the east side of the lot? I've seen people there camped out for literally 6 hours. Serving food out of the back of the van, chess, and most recently two luxury SUVs, both had women in the back of...