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  1. swathdiver

    How Much Weight Can Your Car Carry?

    Inside the driver's door jamb look for this sticker, it's called the "Tire and Loading Information" sticker. Ok, found yours? Underneath the seating capacity you'll see the sentence that the combined weight of occupants (including you) and cargo should not exceed XXX of pounds. This is your...
  2. swathdiver

    UberXL and the Long Pickup Fee

    Got a ping a little while ago for an XL run and it did not say Premium Likely but since it was my first XL run in the county, I took it. 10.8 miles and 21 minutes later just to pick up 1 pax and take to the liquor store and back down the street. I was expecting a LPF but learned the hard way...
  3. swathdiver

    Uber Uber

    Wife's car wouldn't start so she called me but I was already too far away Ubering down south. So she called an Uber to take her to work and I stayed out another hour to pay for it with more rides! Nice and busy but lots of crashes and one was just terrible.
  4. swathdiver

    Who Is Still Driving the Treasure Coast?

    Lurking for a while, been driving for about a week and having fun with it.