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  1. Dillanwasx

    Business Cards

    Sooo I know getting business cards with your phone number is a big no no . Which I find understandable to a degree. My question here though is what if I got cards made that read something along the lines of "Thank you for choosing Uber. If you enjoyed your ride please remember to rate 5...
  2. Dillanwasx

    Uber Driver accused of Rape in NJ.
  3. Dillanwasx

    Done with Uber.

    ... For now. I first started Uber a few weeks ago to help me get some extra cash to make ends meet. I dove head first into it knowing my car wasn't in the best of shape. But, I have a 13 month old daughter and bills to pay so I figured it would be best to give it a shot and just repair the car...
  4. Dillanwasx

    Police Harassing in Philly

    Last night was the first night that I spent all hours of the night ubering in philly. Police everywhere. But not one was I followed or stopped. My question is; has anyone been harassed in philly(outside of the airport) for driving for uber?
  5. Dillanwasx

    Uber in Dallas..

    So, how many of you have had the problem of your back seats getting flooded with tears by the cowboys fans after another dreadful loss? lol yes, I came here looking for trouble:p Dillan
  6. Dillanwasx

    Calling all Philadelphia Uber Partners!

    ATTENTION ALL UBER PARTNERS! When I first came on board with Uber, I wanted a way that I could communicate with other uber partners. A way for General discussion, tips, questions, ect. After a few days, a gentleman on here posted that he started a group for Philadelphia Uber Partners on an app...
  7. Dillanwasx

    Canadian Uber Drivers

    Does anyone want to explain the rainbow coming from behind that vehicle? Lmao
  8. Dillanwasx

    Billy Joel

    I guess my first question should be, is there a max Serge?
  9. Dillanwasx

    Sunday late night drivers!!!

    So, what's the deal with Sunday late nights/ early morning the the Philly / Camden County areas? Worth going out or better off just taking the night off? Thank you in advance ! Dillan
  10. Dillanwasx

    South Jersey/Philly

    Hello Everyone! My Uber Parter app was just activated on Thursday so I decided to give it a try Thursday evening. I started my night around 9 pm and just stayed in my car till around 10 in Deptford NJ when I recieved my first request. Was a easy ride. Was a man just wanting to go to Shop rite...