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    Info For Taxes

    I just thought I would post a reminder on this thread that for your taxes you will need BOTH the 1099 Misc and the summary. Or if you are under a certain amount, just the summary which you can download from their site. The figures from the 1099 are gross and include Uber and Lyft's take. So you...
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    Using The Uber App Has Some Serious Problems

    I am continually frustrated by how hard Uber (and Lyft to some extent) makes it to use their app. The huge problem is the "multiple touches" I have to use. Examples: 1) When I get a Lyft ride It takes me 3 awkward touches to turn the Uber app off. 2) They still have that stupid short cut button...
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    TNC meeting Monday

    Convention Center. Believe it starts around 2. Was reading their material. minutes, etc... Actually very interesting. Looks like they are actually doing some stuff. Uber seems more cooperative than Lyft for some reason...
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    Rider didn't like comments..

    I recently received a comment from Uber: "A rider recently claimed feeling uncomfortable with comments you made that they felt were discriminatory". Never had that before. I was kinda shocked. Then I remember I had one ride which was slightly awkward, but I did not say anything consciously...
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    Portland Examination

    For the first time in 3 years they actually checked my stuff. Everything from signage in the windows (good) to paperwork (I had some old paperwork I handed them so I realized I need to tear that up - but had everything). Fire extinguisher and first aid kit. Also commented on car (looks clean -...
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    Kia Soul Seat Covers

    I am planning on getting seat covers for my 2016 Kia Soul. I know you can buy specialized seat covers, but they are expensive and take awhile to get to you. Given that the Kia Soul is a generic car, are there generic and less expensive seat covers out there?
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    Car Seat Belt Buckle Dents

    I just got a "new" soul (ha ha). The back doorways on the last one had dents from people closing the door and crunching the belt buckle. I now tell people very nicely to insure the belt buckles are inside the car. Is this a hopeless battle? Also, what inexpensive car seats work well for a 2016...
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    % versys Flat Fees

    I have noticed that on the overall board of Uberpeople, people post about making "150%" or other percentages which I assume is surge pricing. Am I understanding this correctly? If so, why does Portland rate a flat fee?
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    Uber loves putting garbage on my screen

    I am so tired of Uber putting garbage on my screen that interfers with my driving and is frankly useless. Shall I count the ways? 1) The stupid screen that comes up say the responsibility of drivers to do blank, blank and blank. Then you have to acknowledge it. This kept happening the other day...
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    TNC Driver's Committee Meeting October 10th

    This committee meeting might be important, if they listen. It is being held under the auspices of PBOT, so I am not hopeful. I imagine everything from the nature of the work (contract vs empolyee to wages will come up: PBOT announces first meeting of the TNC Drivers Advisory Committee The...
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    New Uber App Sucks

    I am tired of Uber making it difficult for Drivers. Ever since they started the whole stupid platinum diamond thing, they put their icons at the top in orange telling me how long it takes to reach diamond. I have to switch it to the total $ every time I reopen the app. Don't give a rat's a*s...
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    This and that...

    Just a couple of things: 1) Uber's app is getting more irriating. Aside from not being able to get rid of the short-cut circle (Have they changed it so you can eliminate it?). 2) They keep putting up these bullsh*t notices insisting that I need to look at ride info. I think that is because my...
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    Pax can be really stupid, but so am I. And Lyft too.

    The weekend before last I had a guy open the door on the freeway as I was going 60 mph. He couldn't really open far because of the wind resistance. I didn't realize how drunk he was. I didn't relize it until I look behind me, but he didn't have his seatbelt on and because I didn't know how drunk...
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    Uber updates cleaning fee poliicy

    This is BS. This means that if someone throws up in your car, you lose money. What a bunch of asshats. This is the thanks I get for driving at night. Request a cleaning fee We've updated our Cleaning Fee Policy. Please go through the details on this page carefully to submit a cleaning fee...
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    Uber: Making messes now requiring receipt

    This is unreal. Now Uber requires a receipt and at most you get $20. I had someone throw up on my neck and now at most they will have to pay is the cleaning fee. The time I lose that night and the time to get detailing is not even considered. What bullshit. I am going hardcore on anyone who...
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    I heard on another forum that Uber was having drivers accept cash... Huh??.... No thanks. On a more humrous note, some guy decided to help Lyft by revising their nasty grams in a fashion that was more useful. Decided to post it here...
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    As I have always said, 5-10 years out for Portland

    This is an interesting article.
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    Less Lyft

    I find myself driving less and less for Lyft due to their cheapskate nature on surge pricing and their bullshitty mothering approach when you cancell "too much' or not accept too much. Thoughts?
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    EV and hybrid prioritzation

    On GrYFT passengers can now be ecologically oriented and look for an EV/hybrid. I think this fits with Lyft's desire to cater to carbon neutrallity. I think it is also a great way to get more rides since some people will wait longer for a car to pick them up so that they can feel good. I agree...
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    Surprise... Not

    "Uber admitted in its recent IPO filing that driver dissatisfaction is expected to increase as the company plans to decrease driver bonuses to save money, invest in autonomous vehicles and continue classifying drivers as independent contractors." Why am I not surprised?