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  1. EdmontonDoug

    Getting ready for taxes, here's my profit

    2016 is here and it's time to do taxes. I've started entering my mileage log into excel and my goodness Uber was a terrible, terrible venture for me. I'm not done yet but I thought I would show you my first three days on the job I actually lost money. I can't wait to see what the next 400...
  2. EdmontonDoug

    70 Edmonton Uber drivers charged

    so....this concerning anyone? 70 drivers charged. That's a huge chunk of people for any given day/night. I was gonna fire my app up on the way to the grocery store today but not anymore.
  3. EdmontonDoug

    No money, lots of drivers

    Anybody else notice how brutal it is in Edmonton these days? Way too many drivers and not enough trips = hardly any money. McDonalds pays $13 an hour in town. Uber can't be averaging more than $4 to $8 an hour nowadays, once you've factored in true costs. What I don't get is why so many...
  4. EdmontonDoug

    Police crackdown

    Anybody concerned about this story? A potential police crack down. Any thoughts?
  5. EdmontonDoug

    Concerts at Rexall

    Any experiences picking people up at Rexall post-concert/game? Any thought much about whether it is worth it? Yes there are rides to be given, but is it worth the hassle? Last concert I did I accepted the ping and sent text to person telling them to meet me on 118 Ave near south doors of...