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    Fear NOT

    The world is about to head into chaos my friends. There will be MANY arrests occurring. The current administration is fighting against evil so profound you cannot fathom. Pedo network treason corruption 1000's of arrests worldwide and MANY will 'die' or commit suicide because they cannot...
  2. J

    Monday on the road....whats it like for you?

    been a bit weird......? what's been your experience? are you making more than $13.80 an hour?!
  3. J

    Thursday - finished shift earning.

    I ended the day with $127 for 7.5hrs. A $10 tip included. I couldn’t take anymore. That’s $15.60 an hour gross. My day included a car driving into the side of mine to avoid an idiot delivery driver on a bike going up his inside - he just rode off leaving us to deal with the issue. Very...
  4. J

    BUSY today. How you going?!

    I’m making good coin today. Curious to know how you guys are doing?
  5. J

    New Driver Sign Ups

    Do you think Uber will cease onboarding new drivers in this downturn? Do they understand the slow down will effect us all? Do you think they care? Thoughts.......
  6. J

    Uber hacked.

    So, I can’t log in and my passenger app says ‘no cars available’ Anyone else having problems?! Has Didi engaged hackers to create chaos for uber and grab market share??!!!!! 🤔
  7. J

    Should Uber reward those who only run Uber App and have good profile?

    Thoughts? .................... Dear Uber Are you looking at rewarding drivers who only drive your App and have high rating? Yours sincerely A driver. ..........................
  8. J

    2018/2019 - net earnings - wake up call to new drivers!

    I had my figures up. But decided against it, as I'm over the childish responses that will be incoming. Theres a few decent people on this forum - but for the large part I think not. I'm out. I'll let you know when I've made my FIRST million in crypto. I've suggested a few times I'd help - but...
  9. J

    Airport Opportunity!

    Come on down! There’s only 75 cars... wait for 2 hours and get a $15 fare. With this type of strategy @Mulder99 will be knocked off top spot..... 😉
  10. J

    Turning off Pool - turns off X as well.

    Just rang support, as I’m not showing on rider app, yet I’m online. Support advised that if pool is off, so is X. Uber give us the ability to turn off Pool, but don’t let us know it turns off X as well. What a joke.......
  11. J

    Why am I not seen on rider app?

    I’m online, getting no pings, checking my rider app and there is no car on my gps point. I’ve had this before, turned phone and app off and it’s worked. Any thoughts?
  12. J

    Uber Pool - 1.3km

    Yep, you read it correctly. We are officially slaves. How on earth they allow someone to have the option for pool on such a short distance is beyond me! Now pool is turned off......
  13. J

    Anyone having Problems with the Uber Ap?

    Mine is acting weird. Pick up not the same and navigate is not giving google maps... Tried resetting, but still same..... 🤔
  14. J

    Tax Summary Nov-Dec 2019 - not available.

    Can you believe this? Just spoke with Diamond Support - they are aware and trying to fix the issue...... I have no words on how shite this company is becoming.........
  15. J

    Fake surge proof

    I’m in the middle of a massive dark red surge. The past 3 trips have had zero surge. This is manipulative behavior by Uber. It’s a disgrace. I have screenshot proof. They have applied zero care on the coronavirus either. Enough is enough Uber.
  16. J

    Still good money to be earnt.

    Solid. I’ll be buying more crypto this week.... 😂
  17. J


    Are they trusted? I’ve sat in the middle of two zones that were dark red, then gradually changed then no surge. Still waiting....
  18. J

    NYE daytime was poor. - good luck tonight!

    I drove from 9 till 7. I had better earnings early December Saturday’s. I thought it may be like this. I do hope others did better, I managed $40PH. I’ll be out tomorrow daytime..... Drive safe tonight. Be wise and let us know how you go!
  19. J

    Any Camry Owners?

    2 abandoned Camrys with decent wheels at bottom of Ocean Avenue, Double Bay - near the water ......... maybe a nice photo opportunity? 😜
  20. J

    Christmas Crap. $35 an hour in fares.

    More slave labor. Working core areas. I’ve given up. One less Ant. I could have earnt more washing up at my mates cafe. Drive safe and good luck.