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  1. freddieman

    Driving without Insurance

    All states should do this
  2. freddieman

    Moving on.

    Its been a year since i ubered. I come back to the board for entertaining reads. Still miss driving on friday and saturday nights though.
  3. freddieman

    RS Story🍹

    Side gig from a side gig....i knew it.....Just a $100 though?
  4. freddieman

    Did anybody receive the $10,000 IPO bonus?

    So u worked everyday giving 21 rides for one fill year without a day off? Thats just nuts!
  5. freddieman

    Did anybody receive the $10,000 IPO bonus?

    U make it sound like u barely missed the 10k mark. 2500 rides is 1 year of full time driving.
  6. freddieman

    Uber driver can go to emplyment insurance??

    Gigs don’t pay into unemployment tax or state unemployment insurance. Don’t expect much.
  7. freddieman

    Would you take an offer for work from someone you were a bit screwed by before?

    What other options do u have? How did he screw u? He paid u. If its more than ubering, i would take it cuz it would have more upside.
  8. freddieman

    Honesty doesn't pay

    Something like 75% of all applicants lie on their resume. An interview doesn’t guaranty a job offer. Interviewers will shake out all the BS written on resume. Its not like the interviewer doesn’t know about the BS statistics
  9. freddieman

    But you have to give it back

    U can still get $15 return fee. The problem is ur discussion with pax had the word “owe” in it. Any cash received from pax should be worded tip, gratuity, donation, etc.
  10. freddieman

    UBER I Have Never...💦 I Have...🙊

    Maaaan....people be stealing everywhere....its a pandemic in itself
  11. freddieman

    Nashville minimum ride down to $2.69. Anyone want to apologize for corporate?

    Minimum net for drivers should be $5. Its bad enough getting a nickel but Its quite an insult to net half that on a ride.
  12. freddieman

    I think you’re crazy if you’re out driving in this epidemic

    Ur mom’s not an expert 😂
  13. freddieman

    "Please wear this used mask im lending you" lol

    Geez....absolutely no concern for anyone else’s well being. A used mask 😷. She is not a thinker.
  14. freddieman

    If a PAX leaves a $500 bill on your back seat, and offers you $100 to return it....

    I’m not driving 2 hours to return cash. I would make a deal with pax by using part of money to send money order by mail...i would get some compensation for troubles or send by paypal and keep cash.
  15. freddieman


    Probably bus riders.... not wanting to ride with pack of people. Would rather take a chance with single driver
  16. freddieman

    Because Uber doesn't screen passengers

    If i saw that group at pickup i would drive right on by and pretended not to see them. U can call me judgmental, i see it as weighing the risks. Safety is always first. 1583315089 Yes there are bad people in every race but certain race has outlier percentages.
  17. freddieman

    Salvaged Title Story

    Maintenance records is how to u get a feel for the inner working condition of the a credit report.
  18. freddieman

    My first 4.20 pax

    I rode 6 times as a rider. I was rated five 5 stars and one 3 star giving me a 4.67 rider rating.
  19. freddieman


    Hard to prove