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  1. Killeen Ubur

    Picking Up Young (alone) Children

    Sell them in Mexico.....
  2. Killeen Ubur

    protocol on lost iphones

    Sell it....
  3. Killeen Ubur

    Organizing: Austin TNC drivers

    Nate: Don't take this the wrong way only trying to help....First thing to organize is you need (Money)...Read your history on labor You need to take care of your strikers paid them a stipend. Then you need to beat the sh$# out of the scabs any thing less will end in failure ( Good Luck) I...
  4. Killeen Ubur

    Did Austin take another rate cut on Uber?

    Can you believe Uber take a $1.00 out of Cancellation fee WTF...........Used to get the whole $5.00
  5. Killeen Ubur

    New ATX Rates

    Thats until your rating go's below 4.6 with those little shit heads..............
  6. Killeen Ubur

    Noob ABIA drivers

    Very Good learn very fast....I like to park by the noods and get out and talk to them a little. Like to see there eyes light up when I get a it's priceless
  7. Killeen Ubur

    Riders refusing to cancel trips

    Never start a trip the pak can rate you star coming up...!!!!!
  8. Killeen Ubur

    Riders refusing to cancel trips

    This is what you do...Cancel the @@@@ing trip....reason (Other) You get paid $5.00 then Uber take a $1.00 from that you get $4.00 lol WTF I have been driving off and on for over a year and 1/2....I wait 5 min's call them then Cancel.....get @@@@ing paid
  9. Killeen Ubur

    Post your highest rides

    All that Pink and he only got $23.00.....WTF
  10. Killeen Ubur

    New Years Eve 2015

  11. Killeen Ubur

    San antonio

    Why drive Uber in San Antonio Yellow Cab you make over $2000 a week CASH.......I was a driver in 2004 Airport Riverwalk.....All day
  12. Killeen Ubur

    ACL 2015

    Hope you all are making some money.....For me can't drive for shit money any more.... Good luck.......
  13. Killeen Ubur

    WHHHHHHYYYYY!!!... . . UGH

    wait 5min then cancel NO SHOW $5.00 lol
  14. Killeen Ubur

    #&[email protected]*!!! UT Campus.... .

    Yes UT sucks...only good for getting your trip numbers for guarantees....I had a girl slam my door...I turn around and said to her what the @@@@......She apologized.....Just turn your app off when you are driving by UT/////// $3.00 rides @@@@ing joke
  15. Killeen Ubur

    Uber Eats

    $10.00 for a Hot Dog........Now I know how they sale those $500,000 Houses on east 6 St......LOL
  16. Killeen Ubur

    Austin: Let's start rating Uber Paks Right..And Start getting Tipped

    I had a 4.6 Lyft pak today almost cancel...But pick her up any way. She was a little late...Can see why she got a low rating. I have to rate my Lyft pak a 5 Maybe they will Tip ?
  17. Killeen Ubur

    How to Avoid the 2 dollar ride?

    Not a Bad week with Lyft.........NO MORE UBER FAIRS ARE WAY TO LOW>>>>>>GOOD LUCK 10 Hours 55 mins with lyft over 600.00
  18. Killeen Ubur

    How to Avoid the 2 dollar ride?

    Stratos said: ↑ No you can't see the destination till you "START RIDE". In cases like this ask them where they are going before you start the ride. If it's so crappy you don't want to do it. Cancel and move on.
  19. Killeen Ubur

    How to Avoid the 2 dollar ride?

    Be careful doing this If the customer reports you to Uber game over for you...!!!!!!!!!! Uber has ways of tracking you
  20. Killeen Ubur


    You can still get the next two days. Need to meet the requirements.....For that day