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  1. DrivingZiggy

    WAITR Drivers Needed in Baton Rouge!

    So I dropped by the HQ in Lafayette tonight and the "Dash" personnel informed me that things are really booming in BR and they need lots of drivers. I don't know if any of you have considered it. I haven't checked in on here in a while. But anyway, I'm working like 30 hours a week and...
  2. DrivingZiggy

    USAA now offering ride share insurance in Louisiana.

    I got mine this morning. I had to cancel with them a few months ago because they weren't offering it. Now they are. Might not be a bad idea to check them out if you qualify for membership.
  3. DrivingZiggy

    How do you guys do that?

    1. I'm old and technologically challenged. 2. I'm old. 3. I'm technologically challenged. And I see all of "you people" putting up screen shots from their phones. How does one do this? Help a geezer out! I mean, I might post up a pic every once in a while. But I'm more interested in...
  4. DrivingZiggy

    1*ed a rider for the first time.

    I'm fixin' to blather on. So if you don't want to read it, don't read it. Move along. Second time I picked him up. Both times, in a big hurry to get to work. Both times, he didn't like the route I took. But it got worse yesterday! We started on the same route I had taken before. But, of...
  5. DrivingZiggy

    Finally got me some good surge!

    First though, I gave a ride that should have been surge but didn't pay accordingly. I contacted support and they adjusted the fare! Woohoo! But then I hung out downtown at closing time in hopes of cashing in. I first got a ride that would normally be ~$8 and it ended up being ~$10. I ended...
  6. DrivingZiggy

    Shamed a pax into tipping.

    I don't feel good about it, but here's my story. Turned on the app, relocated to a "better" area. Waited 45 minutes for a ping. Finally it comes. Oh noes! it's from 7 miles away! Took me ~10 or 12 minutes to get there. Somehow, she is still not ready and I have to wait. She gets in and...
  7. DrivingZiggy

    Well, that wasn't nice.

    So I liked a post. And the site--for the first time--asks me if I'm sure I want to like that post. What's up with that? And then I tried to reply to a thread. Only I couldn't because there was an ad banner in the reply box and I couldn't get rid of it and the site would not let me post. So...
  8. DrivingZiggy

    Rideshare Insurance

    Comment ca va? I'm in Lafayette and I'm having a hard time finding rideshare insurance. So far, the only place I've found is GEICO and they want $4000 per year without comp/collision! That's upwards of $350 per month. Who are you guys using and how much does it cost? I'm anxiously awaiting...