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  1. rjenkins

    Wingz Transfers

    The transfer penalty/bonus still happens, though I've seen it a lot less, lately. I believe that is because drivers are smarter about taking trips they can't do, now that Wings is pretty mature in the DFW area, at least. I DO see what you mean about the last minute transfers that have no...
  2. rjenkins

    WINGZ -- Anybody drive for them?

    A couple of years with them, yes. Your focus with Wingz should be on getting a loyal base of regular passengers, preferably who live reasonably close to you. Get some Wingz business cards with your code on them asap and hand them out like candy. If you are on someone's favorite driver list...
  3. rjenkins

    Uber Select

    I think most Select requests are either accidental, or to avoid surging UberX. I rarely get them. Of course, I'm rarely online for Uber at all, these days. I do recommend it for my regular passengers who express an interest in getting better DRIVERS, though. When they're in a market where...
  4. rjenkins


    VIP is another one of those Uber tricks to make you think you're getting a benefit, when you're most likely getting screwed. VIP is simply a label given to frequent passengers who have had a steady diet of cheap Uber Kool-Aid. The requests are usually for short hops, and sometimes require a...
  5. rjenkins

    Love Field Citations

    I've noticed quite a few of the bureaucrats who identify themselves as being from the City of Dallas lurking about Love Field, now. A while back, they were going down the row of cars parked in one of the designated TNC waiting curbs, and doing ad hoc "inspections," demanding to see drivers...
  6. rjenkins

    Schedule a ride?

    Sounds like a pathetic shortcut for a true scheduling system. And a recipe for more cancellations/wait time. On the passenger side, it's deceptive. There is no guarantee that a driver will actually be close/available. I see passengers trying this out for early am pickups going to the airport...
  7. rjenkins


    It usually is. Uber never has your best interests in mind when making changes. It's always about manipulation of drivers and passengers. I don't drive much Uber anymore, but I am curious about the change. One sneaky aspect for Uber seems to be that while being upfront with the fare to the...
  8. rjenkins

    Pissed at lack of transparancy

    Think about how cool it would look on the OTHER end...a breakdown of fees, and what the driver actually makes on the passenger app! lol It would be enlightening, for sure. And more than a couple of passengers would feel a twinge of guilt. With the advent of airport pickups here in the DFW...
  9. rjenkins

    Service Industry Rule #1: your riders always hate you

    If you think all your passengers hate you, maybe it's just you? ;) Sorry, but it had to be said. Seriously, painting all passengers with a single brush is foolish. I'm sure there are a handful of low-rent types who resent me because I'm a middle-aged white guy driving a luxury car, but the...
  10. rjenkins

    Dallas Drivers Attention! Check your toll tag records against Uber Toll Reimbursement!!!

    Uber stopped paying me tolls, except for DFW parking, for many months. I have to request manual reimbursement on every single one. It has to be deliberate. A year ago, their system for tracking in Dallas was spot on...very reliable, and reasonably accurate.
  11. rjenkins

    Toll reimbursement was too much

    Speaking specifically to this, I can only speculate. First of all, Uber does not seem to enjoy handling any monies which it does not get a cut of (e.g tips). Second, intentionally ignoring tolls gives the passenger the illusion that the fares are even more ridiculously low than they already...
  12. rjenkins

    Toll reimbursement was too much

    I use tollways when they make sense. Some routes, like say, DFW airport to McKinney...there's no other reasonable way during rush hour than to take 121/SRT. Same goes for downtown Dallas to Frisco, just about anytime. Avoid tollways like the plague when you're going to pick up a passenger...
  13. rjenkins

    Toll reimbursement was too much

    Maybe so...fortunately (or not) most passengers and Uber support are just not paying that much attention. Funny thing Dallas a year or so ago, Uber's system was actually paying some tolls simply because I was driving NEAR Dallas North Tollway. It was always small amounts, but since...
  14. rjenkins


    Glad you feel it works for you. Another option would be to use an independent gas or credit card. Many of them offer cash back or other incentives that could be roughly equivalent to six cents a gallon. Most offer a month-long grace period, so paid off at the end of every month, there is no...
  15. rjenkins


    "Shopping at the company store" is a scary idea, in general, and with a soulless company like Uber, it should be particularly avoided. Any "perk" offered (gas cards, subprime car sales, discounts on merchandise) is far more likely to benefit them than you. I trust them with nothing, and seek...
  16. rjenkins

    Toll reimbursement was too much

    Uber is going to short you, before long, so I wouldn't worry about it. For some reason, they have stopped paying my tolls 100% for the last few months (except DFW entry toll), and I have to request a reimbursement. Every frigging time. I am convinced that their omission is an intentional...
  17. rjenkins

    A rider from yesterday doesn't ping me, but texts me today.

    I'd just ignore it. Probably a can of worms you don't want to open. In my experience, the Uber system links you up via the relay phone number from the time you accept the request, until you accept your next request (or until the passenger makes a new request). Assuming it was your last ride of...
  18. rjenkins

    Lyft Updates (x2)

    The point of doing it is that it's required to get a cancellation fee. As to the point of REQUIRING it, you'd have to ask Lyft. My guess is that it's good customer service. People don't always get or notice text messages.
  19. rjenkins

    Lyft Updates (x2)

    I don't think anything has really changed...the arrival counter is just a useful tool for the driver to keep track of how long they've been waiting. A phone call (not a text) has long been the requirement for getting a cancellation fee (along with at least three minutes elapsed after arrival)...
  20. rjenkins

    Do UberSELECT cars get mor cancellations than UberX cars?

    Not sure how Uber handles this in your market, but they made Select virtually useless here. For a time, I could go online as Select ONLY, and that worked for me. I didn't get many requests, but when I did, they were somewhat worthwhile. Of course, I was augmenting this with other activities...