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  1. biozon

    Gas is temporary lower than $1 per litre, expect rates to go down

    This is not a scare, but definitely a significant reason for Uber to drop fares further (meaning through the rock bottom, where they are right now). Hope this won't happen, though.
  2. biozon

    What's up with the suddenly emerging multiple topics about alleged racism and politics?

    We are living in the most culturally diverse city on the entire planet in 2016, where "visible minorities" combined make more than half of the population, and we are discussing Uber related topics, and this suddenly happens? And now alleging ridiculousness like Uber adjusting algorithms to...
  3. biozon

    Goodbye, Uber Eats Instant

    Farewell: It looks like finally Uber has braced that it's time to settle down and cut off services that are not popular. Hopefully, POOL will be next. Although, it's kind of already happening on its own.
  4. biozon

    Changes to Pool from August 20.

    Opened my app yesterday and before I could go online, I was prompted to accept the new agreement. In the Service Fee Addendum the following was stated: Where, following a User request, the actual drop off point of a User utilizing UberPOOL is an additional 800 metres or more from such User’s...
  5. biozon

    Great last day of Uber

    So today was my last Uber day before the new regulations that make my vehicle not eligible (2008). I had a blast - today is the last day of the Microsoft Conference, was surging like crazy. Here are my stats for tonight: 10 trips (3 of them SELECT) 4 hours Gross fares (including SRF): $200 Net...
  6. biozon

    Is surge multiplier factor gone from the dashboard / app?

    I'm not able to find the multiplier factor for surge (in surge rides) anymore in either my app, or profile dashboard on desktop for the rides I've completed (previously it has been displayed in the trip details). Looks like Uber has started to do away with surge factor indication. The only...
  7. biozon

    Microsoft Worldwide Partner's conference this week

    To all of you who might be wondering why this week is especially lucrative, there are about twenty thousand Microsoft conference participants in Toronto this week. This should make this last week of Uber especially memorable. Note that since the conference starts very early daily, you should...
  8. biozon

    20/06/2016 Rogers network issues

    Is it just me, or anyone else is experiencing issues with Rogers today? Slow responce, overall slowness. I had a very few Uber pings today, will probably call it a night, dunno how many I missed because of the network issues.
  9. biozon

    Conclusions for continuing Ubering after new regs so far

    So, I've been doing a lot of thinking about continuing with Uber after new regs (I'm sure all of you have). As many of you may know, my vehicle is 2008, meaning it is not eligible for work after July 15. With Uber currently being the only option for part time job for me (there is no other job...
  10. biozon

    New regulations, what changed for city approved limos

    With the new regs looming, I wanted to start a discussion on what changed for city approved limo industry. Here's the official link: Here's a quick review from my understanding: 1) No city approved training is required. 2) No First aid / CPR training is...
  11. biozon

    Important Update on regulations

    Finally Uber woke up and sent me an e-mail: Be ready for vehicle requirement changes on July 15 The City of Toronto has passed regulations that will take effect on July 15. This means that your vehicle must be newer than a 2009 to keep driving uberX in Toronto. If your vehicle is older than...
  12. biozon

    So how is everyone planning to spend this last week of Uber?

    With Uber to almost inevitably stop operations on May 3-d (that is as per Uber's own words, in case City Council votes for new regulations), what are your plans for this last week? Are you going to squeeze every last penny out of this gig while you still can or are you going to work same hours...
  13. biozon

    Mayor of Calgary, everybody. Hypocrisy at its best.

    Mayor of Calgary takes an Uber and calls Uber "dicks". [Claps slowly]
  14. biozon

    This weekend

    With DVP closed and Basketball Playoffs I expect: 1) Traffic havoc 2) Zero riders during games 3) Huge surges and requests to pick up at ACC o_O So I'll Uber until around 10-10:30 pm tonight and then will chill at home, thank you very much.
  15. biozon

    UberPool: new level of desperation

    Just got two e-mails (rider directed): Win a year free worth of Uber entering a code and taking an UberPOOL. (driver directed): Drive uberPOOL to win $1500 Wow, there is really no bottom for Uber's desperation to shove the Poo down riders' and drivers' throats.
  16. biozon

    Meanwhile in parallel universe

  17. biozon

    Mercedes-Benz GL 350 BlueTEC

    Just saw one downtown with Uber app on the smartphone screen. This model means the vehicle is 2012 or later model year. The driver was wearing regular clothes and vehicle colour was grey metallic, so it doesn't look that it was UberBlack. So max he can do is XL and SELECT, but as we know, most...
  18. biozon

    Uber trololo

    Uber is now openly trolling drivers. Just took this screenshot with surge that looks like... Well, see for yourself:
  19. biozon

    Fake Ubereats rides

    Just got two e-mails dated September 3-d, 2015, with two UberEats deliveries to my house and to my work place by drivers I drove UberX before. These UbereEats never happened and were never debited from my account. WTF?
  20. biozon

    Uber ultimate nomination for February 2016

    So, I got two nominees from yesterday: 1) Ultimate Uber Pax Dоuсhеbags: UberX ping to Church and Carlton (I suspected it might be Loblaws, but I hoped not). Arrive to see, YES, two people with grocery bags. At that moment I realized what it's going to be. Ah, well. Get out to help them to...