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    Opportunity to protest current rates thanks to LAX approval

    There is no denying that our current rate is practically less than minimum wage, a lot of variables and stars have to align in order for a driver to make a decent profit. There have been plenty of talks and attempts at protesting, all of which have failed; they did not change anything nor did...
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    Are you a typical Uber Driver?

    Uber's recent defense against class action certification was "there is no such thing as a typical Uber driver", and so those three drivers that won their individual cases do not properly represent the majority of Uber drivers. Uber backed this statement up with this fancy graph on Twitter...
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    How to protest Uber

    Yes I know, for any protest/strike to work, we need to be able to reach all/majority of drivers to tell them about protests/strikes. Which is impossible since the majority of drivers are part timers who don't really care, and new drivers who are super excited to drive for Uber. So with that...
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    Opt out of Uberpool??

    Uber's text; "We noticed your acceptance rate on Uberpool second rider requests is below 80%. If this does not improve we may limit your ability to accept Uberpool trips" If my rating drops low enough on the 2nd request, Uber will stop giving me Pool requests!!!! YES!!!! Finally, some good...
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    4th of July 2015 Review (long post)

    I think most of us can agree that last night was the best night this year; it's what NYE should have been. I've never even seen 5x surge before, lol. Overall, my night was great; all rides were surge rides, nobody puked in my car, and I didn't hit any of the morons that would randomly dart...
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    Last night for guarantees! Time to spill the beans!

    So since tonight is the last day, is it time for everyone to share their secret dead zones? We could all meet at the the Carls Jr on Century and watch Game of Thrones on someones tablet! Are you guys gonna take full advantage of the guarantees tonight?
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    Change is coming (oh it just happened!)

    Lol, as I was writing this out, Uber sends the email about our fare increase. So I may speak for myself when I say that I've kind of been holding my breath in regards to my future with Uber. My future being this summer, and maybe until the end of the year. With legislative bills taking effect...
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    Uber Partner App Updates

    So is there a change log for what the updates we download do? Other than break the app for a while. Also, are there no mods on this forum, is there no way to sticky a thread? A stickied thread with the changes as they happen would be great. People are noticing some of the changes but don't know...
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    In car advertising

    So I've read some articles about Viewswagon (??) being an ad company that pays drivers to display their stuff during Uber/Lyft rides. I haven't seen you guys talking about that, I was wondering how that's going. The article I saw showed an Uber rep saying you'd be deactivated if you did this...
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    If Uber did drug tests/background checks

    This was just something I thought about recently, more of a what if scenario (one that will never happen). How many drivers do you think Uber would lose if they actually drug tested drivers? 5%? 10%? 90%?! You hear/read the stories online about pax saying their driver was stoned/drunk/on...
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    So with Coachella coming up this month, there MAY be some passengers that will take Uber/Lyft all the way there. At regular fare (no surge) would you guys make that trip? If not, at what surge would you maybe considering doing it? At what surge would you definitely do it? I would not do it at...
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    Monday 3/30

    Did any of you guys drive this morning? Did it seem extra congested with drivers today or what?? There usually isn't that many drivers out (causing far away pings) but today I noticed a lot more than usual. Is it the spring break kids driving? Also, what happened to that guy that would make...
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    Pointless thread don't click

    *I am sorry for the pointlessness of this!
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    New Uber Service: Ubulance (Jimmy Kimmel Video)

    Notice how he kind of mentions tipping!
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    Funny or Die Video, "Apology from Uber" (really funny) Holy crap that was actually hilarious and probably Uber's actual plans.
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    Simpsons Episode (Pokes fun at Uber/Lyft, I found it amusing) 20 mins, kinda funny, even if it is The Simpsons.
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    Lyft Hourly Guarantees Starting Tomorrow (Friday 2/27) What do you guys think? $35 an hours seems great, the catch being you NEED a ride every hour, and you have to do the whole hour from beginning to end (5PM-6PM). Your hourly also includes your tips, which I think is dumb. Also, is this an Uber...
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    I experienced every Uber Pool problem in one night!

    To confirm what everyone else is saying, surge pricing does NOT apply to pool rides at all. I picked up at UCLA, where it was 2.1x, I even took a screen shot of it. So I know for a fact that should have been a surge ride. They went about 11 miles east on Wilshire. Along the way I got another...
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    Jimmy Kimmel Uber A.I

    Surprised no one has posted this. Wanted to post it in the thread about Travis saying Uber is expensive because of the other dude (us) in the car but couldn't remember what it was called, so oh well!
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    Hybrid Insurance deadline

    So from what I've read here and there, Uber and Lyft will require their drivers to have this hybrid Insurance by this summer (please correct me if anything I say is wrong). I believe this is due to a new law or something that passed. So some confusing points to me are: is this a new insurance...