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  1. losiglow

    Anyone driving Premier?

    Is anyone here driving Premier? If so, what vehicle do you use? I have a 2012 Acura TL that currently qualifies for Select but as most of you know, Select is going away. Starting Jul 31, it will no longer be available in Utah. Here's the list of vehicles that qualify here (5 years old or...
  2. losiglow

    What's your tax liability?

    Curious what others are looking at on their tax liability. In other words: Total fares - mileage($0.58) = X I'm looking at about $4000. And that's having done >$40K in fares. Anyone looking at a negative? E.g. more mileage deductions than fares?
  3. losiglow

    Bringing up a pax's ratings. Taking a chance....

    It wasn't a conscious decision at first, but I've found myself occasionally bringing up a pax's rating when it's low, below about 4.7 or so. I've only done it when it seems to be a good time, the pax is chill and it doesn't seem like they would be pissed off when I tell them how low it is. It's...
  4. losiglow

    Lyft - I actually spoke to a real person. And I didn't even try.

    This isn't very climatic but I was surprised to have actually spoken to a real person from Lyft. For a while there I thought they were nothing more than a sophisticated AI without any real humans running the business 🤖 In my 3.5 years driving Lyft, the only responses I've gotten are from bots or...
  5. losiglow

    Plans for Sundance Film Festival?

    What's everyone's plans for Sundance? I'll probably take a good long nap on Friday and Saturday then work last into the night. The restaurant/bar/party crowd. Those folks from LA and NY really know how to party :biggrin:. I was still making runs at 3am for house parties last year. I'm not...
  6. losiglow

    How's your driving record? Deactivation due to bad record?

    Based on some other threads, I'm curious what others driving records look like and if anyone has been deactivated due to tickets or at-fault accidents. When I signed on 3 years ago, I had a 0-9mph speeding ticket and an at-fault accident. Both Uber and Lyft approved me, no questions asked. It's...
  7. losiglow

    The one great thing about Lyft!

    So as we all know, Lyft did away with Primetime, runs pretty crummy promotions (at least here in SLC), has a destination mode that times out, will deactivate you for canceling too much and seems to be the service of choice for delinquent pax. However, there is one silver lining, assuming you...
  8. losiglow

    Tesla on autopilot crashes into cop car. Ouch. Not just a little bump either. Full blown wreck. These idiots that don't pay attention when their "autopilot" is running continue to baffle me.
  9. losiglow

    Taxi drivers exposed to dirty air. Here's a fix!

    If you live in a polluted city, or just concerned about the effects of pollution when you're driving, this might be helpful. For anyone who lives in the Salt Lake Valley in Utah, you're well aware of the "inversion" that happens in the winter. It results in very bad air quality. Here's what...
  10. losiglow

    Damned if you do, damned if you dont (V 2.0)

    Has anyone encountered poor ratings for the following opposite reasons? Driving too fast OR driving too slow? Talking too much OR not talking enough? Most pax complimenting on the way the car smells but then you get a poor rating from another pax for the way the car smells? Taking a long time...
  11. losiglow

    Maybe passenger ratings matter after all

    I came across this article on Business Insider. Pretty accurate in some ways. The best part is the pax the guy got with a 4.55 rating :roflmao::sick: "One slow afternoon, I received a request from a passenger with a...
  12. losiglow

    Maybe rating, AR and CR do make a difference.

    I spoke to another RS driver last Saturday night after he dropped off a pax at a grocery store. I was in the parking lot waiting for a ping. He saw me and pulled up next to me. We got to talking and he was complaining that it's been super dead. He said he only got 4 rides in 9 hours! I thought...
  13. losiglow

    Is the Uber snack working for you?

    I tried redeeming the Uber snack today for the Subway sandwich but it didn't work. The cashier had no idea what I was talking about. It was a participating location according to the app and I followed the instructions to a T but no dice. It has a link how to make you didn't receive your snack...
  14. losiglow

    You know you're an Uber driver when.... squeeze every mile you can out of your tires. I guess I should bite the bullet once the belts start showing. And no, the alignment is fine. The odd wear is due to rally racing driving style. 1574013013
  15. losiglow

    What would you do if Uber/Lyft went out of business?

    I think it's unlikely that Uber or Lyft will cave altogether. Even if they run into financial distress, operations would probably continue via some other company or organization, or while they declared bankruptcy. However, their current business model seems unsustainable and self-driving cars...
  16. losiglow

    Satisfying Uber driver video

    There are tons of Uber dashcam vids on YouTube but this one was especially gratifying because of how it ended. Tip to pax - if your driver is the only one around late at night, don't treat them like trash.
  17. losiglow

    Screwed it up again (Lyft guarentees....)

    Well, despite my best attempts at taking advantage of Lyft's ride guarantee's, I continue to screw it up. The guarantee was $100 for 15 rides. But after only 8, I'm already past it. Darn. Guess I'll try again next week. :frown: #dumbpromotions :o-o:
  18. losiglow

    Alright Lyft, ya got some 'splainin to do

    Sorry, long read, but I feel the detail is necessary. Maybe someone from Lyft can hop on and explain! I've read about Lyft and Uber charging surge/primetime to pax but without any hand down to the drivers. But I haven't been able to confirm it. Until now. There was a large rave this last...
  19. losiglow

    Lemon title for Uber?

    Does anyone know if a lemon title car can be used for Uber/Lyft? My first thought was no. However, the Uber site lists "rebuilt/reconstructed/salvage". It doesn't specifically say "branded" which can also be from theft, abandoned or lemon/buyback. Anyone have experience getting a branded but...
  20. losiglow

    The swapping of Uber and Lyft

    I'm curious if others have observed the same thing I have; especially if you've been doing RS for a few years. I signed up with U/L about three years ago. Full time for the first 9 months, part time after that. When I first signed up, Lyft was better is many ways: - better customer support -...