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  1. Chinacatsunflower

    ATX Driver Chat (March 2019)

    I made more in the formula 1 races than any day for sxsw in distance alone. Surges we’re great. Sunday of formula 1 I made over 50 bucks an hour. What’s not to like about people going back and forth to a venue that’s way out of town? And continuous highway miles to and from? Maybe indy will be...
  2. Chinacatsunflower

    Maven electric cars chavi bolt

    My car was in the shop during sxsw, my busiest week of the year. I found a level 2 charger i an apartment complex across the street to charge over night. The fast chargers in Austin are always open never had to wait. I chargefor an hour between 6 hour shifts. Maven saved me hundreds of dollars...
  3. Chinacatsunflower

    Hyre car?

    Anyone have any experience with HyreCar?
  4. Chinacatsunflower


    Anyone have any experience with HyreCar?
  5. Chinacatsunflower

    Hyre car?

    Hyre car experience?