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    Has anyone been deactivated/reported for calling passenger for destination?

    I do this sometimes when im in the airport. Im a NJ driver and theres no shot im going to go into nyc. Today i got cursed out by a pax for calling and asking lol. Reason i called was because #1 he was added to my que and i didnt get a chance to deny or accept it and #2 i had to pick up my son...
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    So i worked a normal day as usual. About an hour ago i got kicked off lyft with a notification saying i was being investigated by the trust and safety for a supposed "incident". NO IDEA WHAT THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT, so i emailed them. They are telling me i was deactivated bc someone said i...
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    Innacurate acceptance rating this week!!

    So today is my 2nd day driving this week and my acceptance rating keeps dropping for no reason. I've only canceled 3 trips out of 36 and those 3 cancellations were lyft line no shows that I got paid cancellation fees on. Is this happening to anyone else or is lyft just suck of paying me my power...
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    Lyft express pay with Santander?

    used to have TD bank and Lyft express pay was always there within 10 minutes which was great but TD bank is americas most inconvenient Bank so I just switched to Santander. Was just wondering if anyone has experience using express pay with them? Haven't tried yet but I just want to know what to...
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    Anyone else on fire with Lyft premier in NJ ??

    lyft came out with premier in NJ yesterday and I have to say this has been amazing. I started at 7:15 am this morning it's now 10:30 am and I already made close to $200. Anyone else having this luck with it?
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    2 drivers being sent to the same pax??

    soo I've been doing more Lyft driving than Uber in the past month bc out of nowhere Lyft has been crazy busy.. and at least once a day I'm showing up to a trip and I call the person to let them know I'm outside and either they are already in another Lyft car OR there is another Lyft car there...
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    How do I know if my Lyft fare is under review?

    please someone tell me if this looks like my fare is under review because I did a ride that Was 130 miles yesterday in a prime time and I haven't gotten paid for it and it is showing "$0 in progress" on my driving history. I emailed Lyft and they don't answer. And if it is under review how long...
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    Why are my Lyft earning not showing up?

    So it all started yesterday I had a trip that was 130 miles long in a prime time. Did the trip and after i was done it didn't show a total all it had on the screen was the rating for the passenger. Until now it still says $0 in progress and every trip I did after that is coming up in my earnings...
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    Need info on Daily Pay

    Can someone please explain to me if Daily Pay is a good tool to use to cash my earnings out daily? And if so how long it usually takes to get to my bank account? Getting really sick of stupid gobank instant pay with uber. too many issues
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    Where the hell are these complaints coming from?!

    Okay so I've been a driver since October of last year. I have just about 2000 trips and have a 4.9 rating. I've had only 2 complaints since I started and now today all of a sudden 9 complaints appear at once. 3 for attitude, 2 for safety, 3 for navigation, 1 for cleanliness. I'm very nice to all...
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    Instant pay not working!!

    is anyone else's instant pay not working? It says pending on the uber website and gobank hasn't recieved it. I literally do this almost every day and it goes through instantly. Today I worked from 7am until right now because I needed the extra money. And of course it's not working :( anyone else?
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    Anyone else's app change for the worse?!

    my map went back to the map from last year and isn't showing where the surges are. It's getting really annoying! Been like that for the past 3 days and it didn't update or anything.
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    Need advice asap please NJ EWR

    okay so I've been driving uber for about 9 months now. I'm in the airport a lot and have never really gotten hassled to the extent that I got hassled today by port authority... So I dropped someone off in terminal A I was literally there for less than a minute about to pull out. Cop comes to my...
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    Cops on the prowl today at Newark Airport..

    Anyone else noticing how port authority is on the prowl today at EWR? Or is it just me... Really hate when people get in the way of my $$$ lol
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    Who was at the NJ assembly meeting today?

    Been following this forum for a while, been a driver for a while.. & finally made an account. Who was in Trenton today with me?!