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  1. Agalito

    Instant pay not working

    I am still unable to cash out ...
  2. Agalito

    Trouble cashing out after last night

    It's an Uber issue. They just acknowledged it on the app(: thanks!!
  3. Agalito

    Trouble cashing out after last night

    Does this mean I can cash out tomorrow?
  4. Agalito

    Trouble cashing out after last night

    I managed to pull in $320 last night from 6:00pm to about 2:00am. However ever since, I keep getting a message saying unable to cash out, please try again later. I never had this issue before, I've cashed out higher amounts before. What gives Uber?
  5. Agalito

    I drive waiters to work, and they dont tip. So...

    I did the same thing once, a waiter made me wait an extra 10 minutes and didn't tip. Next day I go to his restaurant and guess who my waiter is. The same guy, guess what, 4 stars for you mister
  6. Agalito

    Do you ASK for tips?

    Every time someone ask for a drive through stop, I order myself a meal or drink as well.
  7. Agalito

    Called A Fellow Ant for a Jump

    Is this really enough to jump start a car?
  8. Agalito

    Called A Fellow Ant for a Jump

    It wasn't an electricical problem. I just forgot to turn off my headlights when I went into the theater.
  9. Agalito

    New years eve

    15 dollars became 37 for me
  10. Agalito

    Called A Fellow Ant for a Jump

    Thanks !! I'll be sure to check this out.
  11. Agalito

    Lyft NYE fail

    Lyft was on fire in DFW.
  12. Agalito

    Called A Fellow Ant for a Jump

    I always carry cables with me, I just needed a car, Uber was the best and cheapest solution for me at the time. Plus I helped a fellow ant.
  13. Agalito

    Called A Fellow Ant for a Jump

    Tonight was a nightmare, my car battery died and would not start outside the theater. IT was 1Am and I ended up ordering an Uber instead of spending 75 for a tow truck to come jump me. When he arrived, I told him to cancel and gave him 25 dollars cash. Thank you my fellow Ant! You saved my...
  14. Agalito

    Cheated by a customer

    Or ask for the tip upfront. If they said no, I would of left.
  15. Agalito

    New Years Eve

    Here are a few of the rides I did.
  16. Agalito

    New Years Eve

    $500 dollars from 12-3. I got 3 select rides that were less than 3 miles long each one was 60 dollars average. Lyft was also on fire but they capped it at 300%.... Ended the night on Lyft to Allen from downtown for 90 dollars with tip.. I did screen hard for that final ride though. My other Lyft...
  17. Agalito

    New Year's Eve Quest

    Other cities have 10 for 100 or 10 for 85... Kinda bs for us DFW drivers.
  18. Agalito

    New Year's Eve Quest

    4 rides for 10 dollars and 11 rides for 35 dollars. What a joke Uber. No point in working tomorrow night.
  19. Agalito

    New Uber bullshit discovered..

    All I saw was that Lyft challenge.... 10 rides for 13 dollars?...