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    Uber got audited by the IRS!

    Finally someone gets to look at the real numbers. Uber hq is freaking out right now, we have a 70 billion dollar startup that doesnt pay taxes! They say they keep losing money but we will see what happens...
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    The complaining is working keep it up!

    I like to think of myself as a long term striker, i havent done uber in a while. So today they checked in on me. Not everyone can strike for the long haul, but i can. Ill take it for the team. "This is Lennon from Uber. Do you have questions or need help before your next trip? Get in touch...
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    Use of robots in healthcare

    You hear a lot about SDC but why dont AI people focus on things like healthcare. You could easily program ai to do a doctors job. Wow a machine to take a patients temp, weight, height and ask whats wrong. A machine that can read test results and make a by the book diagnoses where as a human...
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    Door dash during peak pay

    $4.50 cents peak pay 5 inches of snow on the fround i have to accept 80% of these or they are gonna steal $20 in tips from me. This is boarderline criminal.
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    Do you guys think uber is going under? What's your exit strategy?

    After years of attacks on uber and settlements and fines and repeated bad publicity. From bribing govt officials to losing constantly in court. Uber is failing. No company can withstand bad business practices and being bombarded from all directions forever. The recent loss of boost has me...
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    Uber hates drivers

    Everything uber does shows it's disdain for drivers. If uber hates drivers so much why are these clowns working for uber. Work for any other company. They say they are listening and making changes but the drivers aren't complaining about the app so much as the people raping us everyday. The...
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    What is up with the eats boost this week

    The boost this week is terrible, I've never seen it so low. They have a Friday no boost on the map at all not even in boulder. That's a first. I refuse to work Friday night until 3am for Tuesday afternoon pay. Then they separated it by hour and forgot 11-12pm everyday. Really who comes up with...
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    This forum is uber corporate, biased and not free speech

    This forum says they are not affiliated with Uber in any way but 100% they are affiliated with uber. They know how bad things are and try to cover it up. If you try to criticise Uber they will try to remove your content and threaten to ban you. Um ok UBER. Yeah uber has a lot of problems see how...
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    Anyone else notice a drop in earnings well uber to pay 245 million in lawsuit

    Ive noticed that uber is trying everything to get me to work more for less money then I go online today and they settled a lawsuit with waymo, apparently uber stole some technology from waymo that doesnt even work and was forced to pay them 245 million. Why uber why, because they want to cut out...
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    Uber eats streak bonus

    I'm just curious, does everyone else's map look like mine? What's your promotions right now? I'm at 30 rides for $38. Which is worse than last week. Are we all getting the same boost map?
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    I complained about uber taking more than 50% on this forum and stopped getting pings

    Yep it surge pricing I've been on an hour no pings. I guess uber is still stalking drivers.
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    Open source driver app

    If we could get a community to develop an open source app, we could cut uber out and still get our clients to their destinations. And make twice as much money. Anyone have any connections that can help us out? Instead of starting a union let's develop our own app. Card processing is and...
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    Why is uber taking more than 50%

    Uber is taking way more than 50%. Online they say they take 25% +2.45 well that doesn't math.