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  1. hooj

    Acceptance Rate Not Included in UBER PRO February Refresh.

    As soon as I hit 84% I stop seeing goodies. Sucks you gotta burn a CR point to save an AR point, even though CR points “hurt” more
  2. hooj

    Uber ratings in a nutshell

    It’s actually very inaccurate. Zero pings means not possible to get down rated. Win!
  3. hooj

    Cash Rides

    The beat cash rides are the ones where pax 2 of 2 says at the end of the ride, “hey, if I give you some cash, do you think you can take me around the corner to my house/friends/store/etc?” 2-3min later with $20 in hand, pax 2 ends up paying twice as much as pax 1 usually too. Cash is king.
  4. hooj

    Uber ratings in a nutshell

    2019 called... It wants it’s meme back!
  5. hooj

    Who is attending the meetup??

    I’m probably working. Lots of changes in the FT.
  6. hooj


    When pax asks “Does this pay well?” or “I heard you guys make good money” then you have to temper their expectations and remind them that tips are not included as was the previous notion and that this does not pay that well. Then you MIGHT get a tip. That’s my tip to you.
  7. hooj

    New Ontario Plates Unreadable At Night? [POLL]

    It doesn’t work like that. It’s like when you write something off. You don’t get that money physically back, you deduct it from your earnings at the end of the year which is equal to the amount you would’ve got taxed, minus the % amount of KMs not used for ride share. I thought I already...
  8. hooj

    New Ontario Plates Unreadable At Night? [POLL]

    Agreed. Liberals shut down a gas plant and cost us $1bn The savings from health and pollution concerns apparently have saved us roughly $3bn Even when the Liberals screw up, they still saved tax payers $2bn.
  9. hooj

    OFFICIAL Toronto Uber Driver Sale Thread

    It’s never the full price written off. It’s a % of your KMs used for ride sharing that gets written off. I range from 60-75% of my KMs being used for rideshare. A $100 membership would be written off at the average for the year. 65% rideshare KM average for 2019 = $35 paid for membership, $65...
  10. hooj

    OFFICIAL Toronto Uber Driver Sale Thread

    My Costco membership provides a lot for my ridesharing. Tires. Wipes. Paper towel. Oil. Windshield washer fluid. Gas. Wipers. Individually wrapped packs of treats for pax. Water. Batteries. It only makes sense to buy in bulk and save. 1582212353 I = Independent C = Contractor
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    OFFICIAL Toronto Uber Driver Sale Thread

    I’ll pass on the EMT but Costco membership is tax deductible as an IC ridershare driver.
  12. hooj

    New EV Charging Stations Coming

  13. hooj

    OFFICIAL Toronto Uber Driver Sale Thread

    An easy expense item on sale
  14. hooj

    Bylaw Inspections [Mississauga]

    So glad I drive in an unregulated market where cars can also be 10 years old too :)
  15. hooj

    Toronto Meet Up - Tuesday March 31, 9-11pm

    FT job prevents me from joining.
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    That’s tune’s HOOJ!
  17. hooj

    Meet Me @ SQ1. I Will Buy You A Burger

    If it ain’t halal it ain’t worth it!
  18. hooj

    Same pax quite often !!

    Regulars turn into cash rides at that rate. If they’re cool of course. Otherwise yes, this happens all the time and I just try to be where they are when they need a ride. Lots of people work lots of different hours. My favourite is a dude named Ken. Always a simple $10-$12 ride with a $2-$3...
  19. hooj

    Meet Me @ SQ1. I Will Buy You A Burger

    If this exists... ...then anything can exist... 1582086798