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  1. DSRM

    Can Someone Please explain?

    I'm from Worcester, MA and I'm confused why my minimum fares keep coming up as $3 out of $4. The current listed minimum fare on Uber's website is $6.05 for my area (I plugged in a 3 block trip on Park Avenue and it comes up as $6-8). I'm using the Uber Fare Calculator (it won't let me post a...
  2. DSRM

    Can I use HyreCar to rent a car to drive for Uber?

    I drive in Worcester, MA and pull in about $350/week working part-time. The trouble with Uber is that the rates during your average day aren't all that exciting. If you work exclusively Surge times, you'll make quite a bit more. I've heard that Lyft does better for drivers during an average day...