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  1. losiglow

    Damn, Ghetto Rats!

    "superior to them" is an exaggeration. He made a judgement call on their character as anyone should when someone is in your car. However, he never acted on it and never said anything to that effect. No emotions either. Pure logic based on the situation and observation. And how is that...
  2. losiglow

    Damn, Ghetto Rats!

    Was it the Discovery Inn in Midvale or the EconoLodge on North Temple in SLC? I've probably had around 5 pax from both over the last couple years, all of which were "fine upstanding citizens" that I'd never want to drive again. I now reject any calls from those places.
  3. losiglow

    Chevrolet GAP and Extended Warranty

    Well, you're smart in getting the extended warranty. I certainly would with nearly any GM vehicle.
  4. losiglow

    Anyone driving Premier?

    No kidding. I genuinely think some people are losing money with some of the cars they drive.
  5. losiglow

    Fat Person Tax

    Dang, some of you are savage. Although I'd be lying if I didn't say I've chuckled a few times reading the posts in this thread. Granted, I don't understand how people get to that stage. Whenever I notice my pants getting tighter, I simply eat less. But still, have a little mercy on big folks. 👍...
  6. losiglow

    45+ minute trip.... informed rider I had to fuel up and all hell breaks loose

    The number of decent people in this world seems to be decreasing.....
  7. losiglow

    Kicked out a racist and homophobic rider yesterday evening

    Wow. What a schmear. What kind of response would he be expecting? What exactly was this guy's end game? 😑:o-o:
  8. losiglow

    Anyone driving Premier?

    I don't get many Selects. It's a very nice bonus when it happens but certainly not enough to be able to justify the added cost of fuel. I simply drive what I drive because that's what I had when I signed up. It just so happened that it qualified for Select. I didn't get any Selects during...
  9. losiglow

    Why won't you get a job

    Gay pax are great here in SLC. The majority tip and are typically very polite. They can get a bit roudy when they get drunk but some of the funniest trips I've had have been transporting gay guys. Some of them are funny as hell. :roflmao:
  10. losiglow

    Anyone driving Premier?

    Is anyone here driving Premier? If so, what vehicle do you use? I have a 2012 Acura TL that currently qualifies for Select but as most of you know, Select is going away. Starting Jul 31, it will no longer be available in Utah. Here's the list of vehicles that qualify here (5 years old or...
  11. losiglow

    Fat Person Tax

  12. losiglow

    Same Miles for Uber/Lyft?

    That's exactly what I do.
  13. losiglow

    Is Uber/Lyft killing your relationship?

    No, in fact it may have improved it. Although Uber pays peanuts, it's loosened up our budget a bit. And it's given both her and I some "unwind" time. She gets to spend some time doing her thing, which is usually watching movies with the kids or going out with friends, and I get some away time...
  14. losiglow

    Same Miles for Uber/Lyft?

    I believe that's correct because the miles reported by Uber closely resemble my total miles put on my car last year. Since miles will overlap with the two, I would do exactly what Dekero said - add them up and divide by 2. Technically, you could claim the full from both but if you got audited...
  15. losiglow

    Thanks for Shuffling!

    That drive through Provo canyon is nice enough. Just watch out for deer!
  16. losiglow

    LOL at ‘Surge Chaser’

    I learned long ago not to chase surge. However, if I'm at the border of the surge, I am guilty of turning off UberX so that I'm only on Select, diving deep into the middle of the surge to the max amount, then turning UberX back on so I get the max amount. It sometimes goes away before I get to...
  17. losiglow

    Is Uber killing the U.S. middle class?

    "dumb ass uneducated" is a little harsh. Yes, for many of them, it was the daunting prospect of college. But many people fall into those situations due to family or life situations. But 👍 on investment money. I certainly consider myself the middle class. Uber has helped me there. I made $22K...
  18. losiglow

    What is your strategy for dealing with CoVid-19 while driving?

    I put "windows down" but I don't really even do that. I make a habit of switching on outside air and pointing a vent toward my face. That's about it. Also, I'm probably throwing caution to the wind, but symptoms of covid-19 in healthy individuals aren't much different than the regular cold...
  19. losiglow

    Men, what are you buying for valentines?

    The usual. Flowers and dinner. 👍
  20. losiglow

    What do you do when passengers keep coughing?

    I crank up the air, aim the vent toward my face and make sure recirculate isn't on. Then turn around and spray them in the face with some of this.