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    It’s not worth it Jethro. Farman is an UBER driver, and former cab driver who delights on the demise of the taxi cartel. He follows all the initiatives going on in local governments where UBER is being challenged. The consensus here is that Farman is an individual who delights in speaking...
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    New taxis

    I get it, but they are still a business first and foremost. If everybody got to drive when they wanted, they’d all drive during the prime time hours. I worship they would be as flexible as they can without hurting the business model. At least the vehicle is decent, and you’re not destroying your...
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    New taxis

    They’re trying very hard to be better to the drivers because they realize what UL have done to their business. Now is a much better time to drive than maybe any other time. They didn’t even put Frias’s Impalas on the road because they were such shit.
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    New taxis

    It’ll be a while. Just starting to get them cab ready. Next propane. February or March the earliest
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    Kaptyn Monility bought Desert, ODS, Bell, and Whittlesea. It’s been in the works for a while. Little will change from the perspective of drivers, I expect. Finally though, a big company with real money behind them will begin to market the taxi companies properly, and try to regain their edge.
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    First weekend of Oct super dead?

    I bet she had good tip money though?
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    Uber making more off trips today than me WTF.

    It goes to relationship these companies have with their drivers. They see drivers as supply, nothing else. How does this company expect to make it in the future if they treat their people like this? Even Wall Street is beginning to regard this company simply as a taxi company. The glitter around...
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    More shenanigans
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    Is this new?

    Mike probably was mentioning the leasing program. You can lease a vehicle for a whole week, drive whenever you want, and keep the entire fare. The catch is, it’s oriented towards full time drivers because it’s a hefty price. This is because the companies need to recover the cost of having the...
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    Account got flagged

    You can always drive a cab?
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    New T1 Pickup coming next week

    Aren’t these changes better for the drivers and riders?
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    A.B. 5 California’s Rideshare Law

    What option is this?
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    Should I join UBER here and also in california

    I appreciate your honesty. I would argue that driving a cab may be better for your interests. The drivers I’ve spoken to that are leasing are pretty happy with that program. I think it’s what you make of it though. The drivers who are leasing are really aggressive and hustling. I don’t...
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    A.B. 5 California’s Rideshare Law

    Uber would never limit drivers’s on the road. They will simply pass the expense onto the consumer. Still playing the shill game Farman?
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    A.B. 5 California’s Rideshare Law

    AB5 has passed the Senate 29-11. Once signed, the law will take effect Jan 1, 2020. Expect rideshare gestapo to challenge it in court, while funding a ballot measure to be voted on directly by the people for the 2020 election. VC money hard at work. Uber is a victim of its own success, and it...
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    No dream, reality. It’s called progress.
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    I know the articles I post can be a little of the same, but there’s a backlash coming.
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    A.B. 5 California’s Rideshare Law

    I don’t know about biased. Uber’s reaction is pretty well established in the piece. Yes, the writer takes a position, and that is not “journalism” per se, but there’s nothing biased in there. Uber’s claim that they’re against AB5 because it will limit flexibility is a “political” answer...
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    A.B. 5 California’s Rideshare Law

    Thanks Mellow. My concern is them getting a ballot measure once it passes. The ability of them to spend money to influence the masses is a concern. I think if that happens, it will be prudent for all the horror stories to come out. Once the public knows just how hard drivers have it, and how...
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    A.B. 5 California’s Rideshare Law This is exactly what I’ve been saying forever, the contradictory realities of these business models. This writer gets it!