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    Disgusting Passengers

    I understand the whole be in control argument, but many of these situations happen mid ride. A lot of the time it now it will blow up into a full scale argument. 18-22 year olds hate being told "no" to anything they do and explode at that. I understand your points, but I do not think its as easy...
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    Disgusting Passengers

    Hello All, I have been having an issue over the last year with a decline in hygiene and/or morals/ common decency. 75% of the rides are great, but the other 25% are pretty gross. I am in a college city. A few common examples are : 1) passengers walking into the car with no shoes on after...
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    Uber flat surge=killer

    Hello fellow Bloomington drivers, The new uber surge has really been a terrible hit to the amount of money made here. I have done a few weekends and the IU bball night and got a few 5$ and even 7.75 surges but these rides would only net 10$ compared to the usual 20$. So essentially the surge is...
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    drivers who play the cancel game

    I really don’t see the big issue with cancelling. I usually have both Uber and Lyft running and will accept a zero surger on Uber then get a PT ping with Lyft and cancel on the original. It’s all about making money. The passengers are still getting a killer deal regardless and their anger fades...
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    Haven’t received a tip in two days (30 rides)

    I posted this earlier on another thread, but I have also seen a huge drop off of tips w/ Uber (less than 10%). Lyft is still around 50%. Last Saturday had zero tips on Uber and about 10 different tips on Lyft. Can't possibly be that big of a difference between the two?
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    I have noticed a big difference in tipping between Lyft and Uber especially over the last 6 months. I've been getting at least 1$-5$ on Lyft about 50% of the time, but Uber is maybe one tip out of 30 rides. It is a really big difference and I am not sure why. Most of those Lyft tips were...
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    Think before you drive with Uber/Lyft

    I have not been using Uber or Lyft since IU got out of session earlier in May and I have been shocked to see so many drivers still circling around Bloomington. It has not surged since the students left so only base rates with rapidly increasing fuel prices at the pump and in each vehicle that is...
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    Bloomington Uber going to Indy for Race?

    You can drive anywhere in Indiana I believe and even Louisville. Indianapolis has much worse mileage rates though and bad roads as well. Especially lots of potholes that can take out a tire. I've done some 30 minute trips out there and the payout is only around 20-30$ which is pretty pitiful...
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    Ride too short to complete

    Gotcha ok thank you. Won’t make that mistake again.
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    Ride too short to complete

    So I live near a university that gets lots of college riders. Recently, groups of girls having been requesting rides that are two blocks down the street to the bar. Less than 20 seconds of a drive. They hop out and when you try to finish the trip it says this trip is too short and a bunch of...
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    Premium fare potential

    It’s hit or miss. Sometimes around 2 dollars otherwise nothing. I usually never accept a ride longer than 4 mins away. Otherwise your profit takes huge hit. Drivers around Bloomington definitely need to stop accepting non-surge rides that are far away. There is tons of good info on this in the...
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    IU out of session

    I think demand will be extremely limited. Also, a new app Btown rides just started on campus just at the same time that Uber is taking a bigger cut of the pay. I think most drivers are losing money or making very slim profits after maintenance/depreciation/gas. Only good time is during a surge...