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  1. 3for3

    ACRO not allowed Watch Out

    Watchout Washington D.C. drivers. Fuber is trying to fuhk its 20% commission driver. Im quite sure you have noticed that if you Accept a trip then Cancel it immediately state the Reason and most of the time its Other lately you will see this screen that says unable to log on because of to many...
  2. 3for3

    traffic & road closures

    Man i just got done fighting traffic to take someone from Rickmond Hwy to Union Station. Then i had to fight to get the @@@ out of D.C. The surge is not worth it for me, my car, possibility of incidents goes up like 400% do to tailgaters, light runners an such. Anyone hanging out Downtown?
  3. 3for3

    Rating Did anyone else have their rating damaged in the last couple of wks or was that just me?

    Last couple of wks my overall 4.87 (4.9 on client app) Wk before last avg was 4.75 then the past wk it was 4.41 WTF? Now my avg is 4.85. Its gonna take me at least 2 wks to hit a decent weekly avg seeing as they do every two wks. I sent this email on Monday. Ive been talking to a good # of...
  4. 3for3

    Ugh, car full of pax i feel caged

    Does anybody else feel the way i do ehen you get a car full pf Pax? I have a 4dr hatchback and i feel tense and anxious when i get 4 pax + mutiple pieces of lugage from airport runs or just squads going to party. Truthfully, i like my space and default them to the backseat. I get the occasional...
  5. 3for3

    Air Freshners, too strong?

    Any driver ever had an issue w/ a pax about the air freshner being too strong. Ive had a couple of scent snobs ding me for it. I use the McGuire car refreshner "Summer Breeze" on the reg. At least once a wk and keep an extra by my side in case i bust ass. I get tons of compliments from pax about...
  6. 3for3

    Dulles (IAD) app arrival issues

    I have issues with the app locking up at the airport. If i pull up to the arrival location at the pick up point the app will not automatically arrive it so i manually swipe "confirm arrival" on my Android but it locks up and wont go "Green"for me to start the trip so i have to sit still and...
  7. 3for3

    Uber just robbed me of $$$ on my pay Statement

    On Monday I check my Pay statement like I always do b/c Im impatient and can't wait for the email confirmation. I check a couple of times, its not ready. Around 2p.m. I check and its ready and states that due to the Guarantees Im awarded "X" amount weekend this, weekend that, weekday this...Im...
  8. 3for3

    Is $1400 a week a unrealistic goal for a Uber_X Driver???

    Need opinions on if $1400 a wk is a unrealistic goal for a Uber X driver, if its doable but with major health risk. 5-6 days or 6-7 days? I always set out to pull in 200-250 a day somedays i hit my mark somedays I don't. I end up see-sawing and going hard (Monday, Tuesday sleeping on Wed...
  9. 3for3

    Outside of D.C., is it profitable all week long?

    I've been working Uber for about a month and am urning for a change of scenery other than downtown D.C. and Reagon National airport. is there another area of the DMV that is sustainable for driving all week? Hows Mclean, Chantilly, Centreville, Reston, Herndon Silver Spring, Bethesda, Wheaton...