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  1. BBSHO

    Shots Fired at Uber Driver

    SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — No one was injured when a 16-year-old boy, who police later arrested, fired some shots into the vehicle of an Uber driver in the Valencia Park section of San Diego, a police officer said Sunday. Negative posts about the Uber driver by his 16-year-old assailant triggered an...
  2. BBSHO

    Groundhog Day?

    You either see it or you don't.
  3. BBSHO

    Uber Delivering Free Ice Cream

    As if its not bad enough....let it melt! You won’t need to take a ride when the Uber car shows up, but you will have to get your order in between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. local time. An Uber driver will deliver a “flavorful frozen...
  4. BBSHO

    MTS Partners with UBER

    Kill us now. MTS announced a new partnership with ride-service app Uber to make it easier for riders to access MTS trolleys, and ultimately Petco Park and the San Diego Convention Center. People who use uberPOOL to get to or leave an MTS transit center from July 8 to July 24 will automatically...
  5. BBSHO

    They dont even know where I am....

    Screenshot this morning, I live in SAN but while looking for ants this AM....
  6. BBSHO

    New Lyft Update Blocks Viewing of Ants?

    Lyft updated its app, as you all, awesome that they added pt viewing when offline, but where or how can we see the ants now? Totally ant-blocked and not happy about it. Is uber next to follow, no doubt, anything we do to eke out carrots from these bozos ends up in the trash....kind of...
  7. BBSHO

    Uber Podcast

    Topics to include: How to politely refuse a cash tip; What to do when poo-pax fight occurs in vehicle; What to do while waiting for a pax who needs to make a stop; How to land an exciting part-time job for those who can't make lease payments. Mange those stacked pins like a pro; How to...
  8. BBSHO


    And this was at 10:41AM....back in March. #RIPSurge
  9. BBSHO

    GPS Interference Testing-Oops, cancelled.

    Just an FYI, GPS might not work properly today... The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has warned that GPS signals could be unavailable or unreliable on June 9, 21, 23, 28, and 30 across the west coast. The signals are most likely to be disturbed primarily around California, although...
  10. BBSHO

    Ant Food for Next Week

    Ant food is being dispersed for next week: (I got this email today, Sunday the 5th) Earn an extra $205 this week! We're extending the weekly trip reward! Starting tomorrow, you have another chance to unlock more earnings after 25 trips. Earn $25 extra once you complete 25 trips, and up to $4...
  11. BBSHO

    I hope this isnt the tone for the weekend

    Bit the bullet, did one non-surge BS fare to SAN for a whopping 5 bucks and a @@@@@y couple talking about how much they earn in tips (no tip for me but they earned a hearty 2 star rating) I was GTFO of SAN I noticed the wait time....
  12. BBSHO

    I Believe Daniel

    Of course her story is a BIT embellished. Typical drunk pax..I totally side with Daniel.
  13. BBSHO

    Weekly Trip Count

    THIS is awesome! I haven't driven all week, yet Uber sent me this email....smh "You made it to the weekend XXX So far, your weekly trip count is 15.* Make this weekend count and earn some quick cash."
  14. BBSHO

    I wouldn't have caught this, surprised they did & admitted to it.

    We recently discovered a mixup in your payout and some fares from your trips were incorrectly rounded down. We’ve corrected the error, so look out for an extra XXXX As a valued partner, we know your earnings are important, and you trust us to get it right. If we catch an error, we’ll always...
  15. BBSHO

    This is what happens if you don't open the door, give water or gum.

    I literally LOL'ed, prolly cuz I three-starrred his non tipping ass.
  16. BBSHO

    WTF is this all about?

  17. BBSHO

    Cinco de Nada

    Uber giving free rides on cinco de mayo? LOL Avoid the Poo
  18. BBSHO

    Uber to end surge pricing?

    Game over LOL Uber hasn't released an exact timeline for the end of surge, and it's not clear if the company plans to make an announcement or just phase...
  19. BBSHO

    Got a Pool Surge-weird?

    I accidentally picked up a "Pool" request-and it was a surge fare. I thought poo didn't surge? Not that it's worth it, but for a 5 minute ride, fare was $3.05 and surge was $1.20. massive payout of $3.19. LOL
  20. BBSHO

    Tech Crunch Article: Tip Your Uber Driver

    Blame Uber for not including the option and for telling you there’s “no need to tip.” Well, of course there’s no need. There’s no need to tip anyone. You’re just a dick if you don’t We have to retrain the pax.