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  1. 3for3

    I have not worked all week....

    I stopped driving last FRIDAY, this sucks jazz. that BS UberFool jazz
  2. 3for3

    UberPool rant: can the service get any cheaper!?!?

    Facebook keeps 403 forbidden my linl so wtf?
  3. 3for3

    Uber Driver App issues?!

    True, story checks out
  4. 3for3

    Uber Pax Pet Peeve

    Love the ones who give you the turn at very last second and expect you to change lanes at 40mph or give you the WTF look when you choose to not make the unsafe manuver and go around the block and B an moan about how they are gonna get charged more.
  5. 3for3

    New rider safety features being rolled out

    That driver in Ca got it bad, pax better be glad Uberand Va said no weapons in the Ubereven if registered. Im a concealed carry permit holder and that dude in back seat would be filled with 40 cal bullet holes instead of some extra spicy mace n the face.
  6. 3for3

    had to cancel Uber pool

    I hate picking up pax with names like Paris, Jade, Byrd or cash or something stupid like that. 90% chance of being total douchbag
  7. 3for3

    New cancellation rules from uber

    Pax are liars but i lean towards truth on this one bc i get that soo many times they cant all be liars over the same sub all time. I always text/ call when i pull up cuz app is some shit.
  8. 3for3

    New cancellation rules from uber

    Yeah but is that just UberPooP?
  9. 3for3

    had to cancel Uber pool

    Same here
  10. 3for3

    had to cancel Uber pool

    Thats glitchtastic
  11. 3for3

    New feature that i am excited about

    Thats bc they know we would abuse rhe heck out of that feature. I would D.C. to Dulles and Dulles to D.C. all fuhkn day long.
  12. 3for3

    Does anyone NOT dress up?

    Fuhks that! They can regulate these nuts!!
  13. 3for3

    UberPool... Two Riders For The Price Of One Rider

    Dude please post the email you recieved on uberpoop.
  14. 3for3

    Uberpool result

    It doesnt show on my Android until i accept it, i cancel all of them and i did get a ratings ding
  15. 3for3

    apps messed up

    Write a email bc they will fuhk your acceptance rate if they ping you. Its been happening to me for about two wks thwy gave meba total of 9 trips like that so far.
  16. 3for3

    Uberpool result

    Nope they fuhk youat Dulles as well.
  17. 3for3

    I feel like a bum driving for uber...

    Its been said b4 bus fare rates bring bus fare clients. Its soo sad here lately
  18. 3for3

    Uberpool result

    Fuhkn azzholz
  19. 3for3

    Uberpool result

    Does anyone have the orignal UberPool email where i believe it states that we have to take some stupid quiz to be eligable for UberPool? Mow these azzmunches are saying that everyone after the 22 is eligable for UberPOO request and there is no opting out and if you deny too many your rating may...
  20. 3for3

    Old people driving for Uber !!

    Might be the same ol dude who told me he made 1600 in 10 days driving down town. God bless hos heart b/c i only go downton if i need to, notto fuhk around and play bumper cars.