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    Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary: Uber is not worth investing in because it has no cash flow CNBC Videos
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    What goes around, comes around

    Thought this was a good one
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    Check out this article about Uber IPO... Gotta "love" this part: In light of these ongoing struggles, one line from Uber’s S-1...
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    Uber and Lyft drivers will reportedly get stock in the highly anticipated IPOs []

    I hope this happens. It doesn't affect me, but it would be fantastic for the long-term drivers that have hung in there with Uber and/or Lyft over the years.
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    Banking account question

    Hello...I’m newly set up for livery. Do those of you who have >1 Rideshare account, namely acct(s) for Black as well as a regular Uber acct, have all funds deposited into your Business account or do you deposit the non-black acct funds into your personal account? I’m assuming all go into the...
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    Hit and run on Woodall Rogers feeder on Friday night

    I was at the light (at Griffin I think) on the eastbound feeder around 8 pm. Dark color (gray?) pickup truck comes barreling through the red light and T-bones a car that was going through the intersection..sending it spinning round and round. Major hit. There was a ton of traffic since it was a...
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    Lyft driver teetering on a retaining wall last Friday night

    I was driving through University Park and ran across a big commotion...a Lyft driver had just dropped off his pax at a Christmas party and took a right out of the circle drive in the wrong place and went over the retaining wall. His suv was like a see-saw. Poor guy, that side of the house was...
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    How would you rate this guy?

    Went to Toyota Music Center tonight to see Brian Regan (hilarious!). Took an Uber Black out there. $48ish. Driver was just okay...nothing special...didn't say 2 words, although he did open the door for us. He was driving an older Suburban, more than a little body damage, paint chips on doors...
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    Do all Lyft Drivers see Primetime, or is it driver specific?

    I got suckered into my 1st ever primetime. Frisco area 4-7 pm yesterday (Mon. 12/3) +40%. Wondered if all drivers get the same notifications or do they just try to get certain drivers to go to specific places at specific times. What a colossal waste of time for the pittance I received. I got 2...
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    Cyber Monday Amazon Deals on Vantrue Dashcams!

    Vantrue Pro N2 is $125.99 ($75 off regular price of 199.99). ENDS TODAY! Monday Nov 26
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    Favorite music to play while driving?

    I have Slacker in my car and play Café Acoustic most of the time, but will surf around and usually land on Classic Soft Hits, Soft Hits, Amos Lee, Smooth Jazz, Lady Gaga radio or favorites radio (compilations of things I've favorited). I also occasionally play a couple personal Playlists that...
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    Got a big old, shiny postcard in the mail today...

    Guess we can expect a slew of new Lyft riders taking advantage of their $15 credit...
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    When do ratings update?

    Wondering when we rate a pax 1 to 4* whether or not their rating changes right away or later (namely after they’ve rated us). Doing so would somewhat “protect” us from the pax taking punitive action by rating us poorly as well.
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    Surge question

    Is the surge amount different for different categories? That is UberX versus Select versus Uber Black? Or when you see a surge amount on the map is that for all categories?
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    Does Lyft prioritize Express Drive program drivers at airports?

    I was in the DAL airport lot yesterday after dropping off a pax (don't make it a habit to hang out waiting for airport rides). I was walking around and a driver wanted to get my opinion on a matter. She said she'd rented a car from Lyft for awhile and said whenever she came to the airport, she...
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    Methods for CYA...

    I'm seeing a lot of screenshots from trips which leads me to wonder what you all are doing to CYA in the event a pax lodges a bogus complaint or Uber tries to short you on a fare/surge? It seems from reading posts several of you have a method for this and I'm just shooting from the hip...
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    New girl introduction and questions ;-)

    First...a short intro. I'm new to this Rideshare thing and have enjoyed it so far. I've been lucky to have mostly great riders and good experiences. I know that won't last. This isn't a full time gig for me. I am "retired" and have way too much time on my days were spent binge...
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    Is it just me or will Uber stack X pings when I'm running Select and it's surging?

    This has happened happened more than once last night (big surge on Sat night/Halloween party night). I was trying to end the night and work my way towards home (didn't have DF set), so thought I'd set my Preferences to Select only. The surge map was red. I was on a Select ride and...
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    Landcape mode...iOS 12

    Is there a way to run Uber and/or Lyft in landscape mode on iOS 12? I have an iPhone X and a mini iPad...would like to have the iPad in landscape mode using split screen. Thanks in advance
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    Sent to wrong address...pax PO'ed

    Lurker and new driver here(~200 trips). 1st Post. Thank Gawd for all the advice on this forum! I made judicious use of the "cancel" feature the other night and undoubtedly saved myself a lot of aggravation and a likely 1*. Rainy night about 10 pm..I was headed home on NW Hwy. I get a Select...