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  1. Michael Ferguson

    Seattle in prime time while drivers are paid base rate. No personal power zones.

    Unbelievable. Screenshot shows a quote for the airport at ~75% (correction: 50%) surge (correction: prime time), no personal power zone bonuses, driver gets paid at base rate. Welcome to the new Lyft. Unbelievable.
  2. Michael Ferguson

    Lyft's New Yellow Heat Maps

    What do you think of the new yellow heat maps? They look alot like the old prime time ones, but without the multiplier bonus. Are they charging a large fare for rides originating in these areas? I haven't seen any personal power zones yet. Also has anyone heard of the end of the power driver...
  3. Michael Ferguson

    Is Your Lyft Time Online Data Under-clocking Your Hours and Minutes?

    I just noticed that recently the time data (see attached images) is incorrect by a significant amount. The week of May 19th I only worked one day, which was Tuesday. I was online just over 3 hours and did 93 minutes of rides. The app and website both show that I drove 59 minutes and 11 seconds...
  4. Michael Ferguson

    $40/hr guarantee for October 21st was not paid out correctly

    Hi there. I received a text message from Uber at 4:34pm on Oct. 21st with a guarantee of $40/hr between 5pm-8:30pm that night (see screen shot). When I was reviewing my weekly payout statement, I noticed that they did not honor that guarantee. The "Promotion Details" screen stated that the...