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  1. Nina2

    Pax Can Now Discreetly Report Drivers

    Uber is not telling the drivers so this is very dumb and is made for free rides for pax and deactivated drivers as Uber must have a driver surplus
  2. Nina2

    New ant in town: Corolla Hybrid

    I find that Toyotas tend to last longer then other brands I have a 2019 Prius right now with no issues in 40k miles and have a Toyota Tundra as well but dont use the Tundra for Uber as it has bad MPG but it has alot of miles with no issues
  3. Nina2

    Looking to buy a minivan for Ubering

    So true I never buy Chrysler even through they make cool cars like a 700 HP car or a 2 door SUV with a 6 speed manual but their reliability is terrible GM also is terrible but not as bad as Chrysler because at least their Camaro is reliable and maybe other vehicles although i have very limited...
  4. Nina2

    People slandering Uber, but Uber is actually a generous company

    If your a customer they are generous but they treat drivers like trash
  5. Nina2

    Tax Season is upon us! Ask me Whatever!

    According to Uber if your expenses are above 1 cent per mile they will deactivate you
  6. Nina2

    Is there anyway to get a car on monthly payments

    Go to a Buy here pay here dealership
  7. Nina2

    Looking to buy a minivan for Ubering

    My employer had a fleet of 2017 Dodge Grand Caravans and had to trade them for Toyota Siennas after a year due to the issues bad transmissions and engines and power windows and steering went out etc
  8. Nina2

    Tax Season is upon us! Ask me Whatever!

    Can you still deduct millage in CA after AB5
  9. Nina2

    Postmates goes SJW with its agenda re: opposing Muslim ban, supporting DACA, etc

    Do you work at Postmates HQ? because your talking about fleet and policy
  10. Nina2

    Uber & Lyft are locking drivers out of the app in NY, is CA next? Ready for Uber daily Planner?

    It is likely coming soon i heard a few drivers are being beta tested in a few airports (not LAX through)
  11. Nina2

    Questions about DMV report

    Wait 4 years and make sure you do not get anymore tickets as Uber and Checkr only check the last 7 years
  12. Nina2

    Be Aware of Uber Support Retaliatory Behavior

    Would be better to get a 5k beater car and pay like 200 a month or so for a loan instead of paying 900 dollars on a car rental
  13. Nina2

    Man, 81, Died After PA Facility Sent Him Home In Uber SHOHOLA, PA — A New Jersey man's widow has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a Pennsylvania health care facility and its administrator after her husband suffered a heart attack and stroke...
  14. Nina2

    Ex police Charger as an Uber?

    Chargers have bad MPG and the rear seats are made of plastic and are uncomfortable I would look for a Prius instead
  15. Nina2

    Only $5000 to spend

    A Prius best MPG
  16. Nina2


    Its a good thing it happened to a Nissan as Nissan CVTS are terrible and make sure your next car is not a Nissan due to the terrible CVT they use 1581632264 He has a Wikipedia article as well
  17. Nina2

    Doordash thought it was smart to force dashers into arbitration. It now faces millions in fees.

    Some how i think Doordash deliberately made the mail undeliverable i doubt it was accidental
  18. Nina2

    Business owner wants "100 ubers" at his business

    or maybe beer with the lunch and a cookie
  19. Nina2

    Doordash thought it was smart to force dashers into arbitration. It now faces millions in fees.

    They might have access to the article as I have many subscriptions to paywall websites from my library but I would never link it on this forum unless there was a free version as well Your libary or college may allow access to pay walled websites or journals just ask the library or college if...