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  1. DogM28

    IU out of session

    So, after May 5th, who stays in Bloomington to do this? I myself will work in Indy because I doubt the demand is very high once the students leave. I guess if we all leave then it might be good for someone to handle the locals and grad students. Just curious.
  2. DogM28

    Premium fare potential

    Has anybody else seen the "premium fare potential" when they are getting pinged? I have had it happen at least 6 or 7 times in the last 2 weeks. Fares seem to be better. It does tend to happen on riders that are well outside of the downtown/IU area. This is definitely different than the long...
  3. DogM28

    Spring Break

    Did anyone continue to work Bloomington this week? I live near Indy so I go there instead. I am just curious. I am assuming it is mostly dead.