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  1. uberist

    Dropping in before Corona gets you all

    Think what you want... makes no matter to me. I will give you all a "bit" of advice Buy 100 XRP keep your passwords user names written down somewhere and forget it for a year. Then look at again. Dont buy it? Please dont look at it again, your family will miss you after you leap off a bridge.
  2. uberist

    Long Beach Meetup Sunday

    Freaking sneaky way to get the name of your auto repair shop out there. I hope nobody makes bogus 50% off service flyers on his behalf and leaves them at car shows and supermarkets...
  3. uberist

    Just jit the jackpot! Don't be Jelly

    Enjoy your kid knapping torcher and decapitation...
  4. uberist

    LAX Pigpen - Are we about to get moved again?

    Didnt you hear? 66k 420 convictions being overturned and expunged in Kaliforski. Gotta clear those cots and create antz lots...
  5. uberist

    It’s Time To Sue The State Of California, Folks

    Government is supposed to take care of infrastructure
  6. uberist

    Uber shuts downtown L.A. office

    Wow just cant keep trump off your mind can you. Reported off topic!
  7. uberist

    Pin on random ride?

    It came out first after that chick jumped in a strangers car.
  8. uberist

    Got my Dulberg vs Uber Lawsuit Check

    115 more than before you opened it! Pretend it was a pax wallet and you opened it to find 115 clams! Bet that make it feel better.
  9. uberist

    Uber shuts downtown L.A. office

    Thats why you should keep thumb drive with a copy of virobot on your keychain.
  10. uberist

    “This is why you tip.”

    Only to you
  11. uberist

    “This is why you tip.”

    Only to you..
  12. uberist

    A new reason to accept trips

    OMG why does uber keep trying to reinvent math? Freaking MORONS!
  13. uberist

    “This is why you tip.”

    Ya, no sh!t why are you explaining something we all understand???
  14. uberist

    Joke of the day!

    Red hats are mostly silent until A$$ hats pipe up. An yes rather be a redhat than an Asshat but neither is Ideal.
  15. uberist

    Uber driver reacts inappropriately to backseat drivers

    15 hands ? Thats a big mule!
  16. uberist

    Joke of the day!

    Morons trump tweets nothing its his staff that deals with his twitter account , he's not allowed to use an unsecure phone and no freaking way the CIA has loades twitter to any official devices...
  17. uberist

    Did you guys get california tax refund

    If they called its likely a scammer...
  18. uberist

    Joke of the day!

    Man, well Bloomber is brave thats for sure, I wonder if he knows that he is "suicidal" or "accident" prone... guess he will find out if he is elected with HC just one heart beat away from the power seat, if she gets err I mean he gets elected president he better watch his back, that woman will...
  19. uberist

    Rohit needed a ride, seriously

    Why would you one star if they dont deserve it?
  20. uberist

    Lyft rider loses it! Warning strong language

    Yeah, he's a horrible discusting humanbeing... smh