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  1. soontobeautomated

    Didi driver crying on 3AW this avo

    Probably just a FUber marketing employee calling in. Anyone here think that FUber would not go that low?
  2. soontobeautomated

    New feature: thank pax for tipping

    Its even better when they tip you in cash. Then you can tip them in person.
  3. soontobeautomated

    Angriest Pax I ever saw........Anybody had anything even close to this?

    With 200k views, justice is nearly served. Imagine many of her family, friends and (doubtful) work colleges having seen what a piece of sh!t she is. I'm hoping it gets a few million more views. Thanks for sharing!!!
  4. soontobeautomated

    uber decline button is damn annoying

    I'm with the OP. When the search button was on the left, and our mug shot was on the right, it was harder to accidentally reject trips. Since they swapped them over, meaning you need to click on your mug shot on the left to open the menu (the same place were the reject button pops up), I've...
  5. soontobeautomated

    OLA tries again with start code

    Nah, they will not hire ride share drivers. As soon as they find out you have been doing the ride share gig for a while, they deem you one nugget short of a 6 pack! 🤪
  6. soontobeautomated

    New Uber Comfort features 🤔

    Nope. 60c a minute.
  7. soontobeautomated

    New Uber Comfort features 🤔

    Wait times often mean NOTHING. At their whim, FUber just take it off the fixed fare and add it separately as wait time. But hey, as its not always consistently that way, 80c beats 60c. Plus, you can still stay logged in an cancel on the paxhole if a 15km+ or >1.4 surge comes along with Ola...
  8. soontobeautomated


    It depends on who you want to be the judge of professional or amateur. Is it members on this forum, or passengers? If its passengers, I would argue that with your CONSISTENT rating of around 4.97, the passengers have deemed you professional enough to do this gig.
  9. soontobeautomated


    Actually, be careful asking too many questions when dropping off a paxhole at the airport. I will converse with them, sure but never ask too many specific questions. I simply do not want to be the first suspect if their house gets burgled while they are away. No ones got time for that sh!t.
  10. soontobeautomated

    OLA tries again with start code

    If you can't deal with new feature, give up the game! Leave it to the true professionals. :wink:
  11. soontobeautomated

    Why are driver ratings so pitifully low here?

    Oh dear. You are transiting in LAX...... even worse on AA.... terminal 4!!! :eek: My sympathies go out to you. Never mind, once you get used to this whole overseas travel thing, you will fly direct to Dallas on QF metal, or transit in SFO if one cannot afford the direct flights. Thanks for...
  12. soontobeautomated

    DIDI to start in Sydney Metro 16 March 2020......

    Ohhhh..... good point. Although I have not signed up yet.
  13. soontobeautomated

    DIDI to start in Sydney Metro 16 March 2020......

    Great. Even their marketing shows a vehicle stopped in a no stopping zone. There is no hope!
  14. soontobeautomated

    Should the government stop all flights coming from China

    Those that argue that the flu kills more people annually than any new disease are overlooking one key fact. If the flu was a totally new disease (all strains), then surely the international medical community would be extra cautious and mandating a lock down as well. After all, it is true, all...
  15. soontobeautomated

    bolt is resurfacing

    Just say no to Bolt The less Bolt, the better.
  16. soontobeautomated

    Why are driver ratings so pitifully low here?

    You make an interesting observation. Having spent much time in the US of A, and also reading this forum, I would have thought that the answer was obvious..... When you are invited into someones home, its incumbent on the guest to be polite and courteous and to show respect to the host. Given...
  17. soontobeautomated

    Fakest surge?

    Anyone get the fOla fake surge at 6.1x multiplier at SOP on Saturday night?
  18. soontobeautomated

    Howdy Mates

    Oh, I am sure my vehicle would not have enough space for your vast amount of baggage (some of it physical). In Sydney we do have a driver that is sure to stroke your, er, um, ego. Give @Prestige Bears a message. He's always scrolling through these forums looking for ways to grow his elite...
  19. soontobeautomated

    Howdy Mates

    Hey @ftupelo I would like to think that I live in a welcoming and harmonious country. Feel free to post what ever crap you like here (everyone else does). Now how soon can we get you to the airport so you can tell all your fellow, wealthy FUber driving colleges in the US what a wonderful trip...
  20. soontobeautomated

    New Uber service.

    I am sure FUber would be cheap and ensure that these phone calls get directed to some third world sh!t hole where the staff work for 10c an hour. I can just imagine the typical old age, red necked, Trump loving, smartphone-less, Republican voting, Arizona citizen loving speaking with the...