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    How do you guys eat healthy driving rideshare?

    Trader joes is easy to pop in and grab a veggie wrap or something. Chipotle isnt great, but doesnt make you feel terrible if you keep it vegan, that said i usually eat a bunch of fast food grease bombs that make me feel awful.
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    Missing turn

    Thats rough.
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    Is it just me or are black people more likely to give 1,2 and 3 stars?

    Ive had more problems with shitty white people than anyone of a different race, and ive picked up/dropped off in low income areas and met really nice people. For the record, am very very white. 1581174047
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    Fair Will Be Discontinuing Weekly Rentals

    I rented one for a month when my car was out of commision. The people at the fair station were very nice, but it seemed like a clown show from the phone people, to trying to schedule maintenance, to the terrible app.
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    If you won the lotto...

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    Anti ab5 Petitions signature gatherers

    Saw one outside target. As soon as AB5 is squashed by the voters all this "info" we are all so happy about is going to go away
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    01/10/2020 9:00pm Cashout button not working

    Thats what i ended up doing! That worked.
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    01/10/2020 9:00pm Cashout button not working

    Anyone else having trouble cashing out? I hit the button but nothing happens
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    Airport pin.

    Also what is lyfts plan? Just ignore ab5 completely?
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    Airport pin.

    So will uber get rid of this now? Seems to go against their IC argument?
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    "Do You Tip Your Uber Drivers? Tipping In The U.S. Is Broken, New Study Shows"

    I tip uber drivers five bucks for short trips, ten for long ones. I had a guy tip me ten for a short trip. I guess i better start tipping more.
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    Uber scare tactics to passengers

    Uber sent this out, they are going to spend all year bumming out passengers so they vote againts AB5 in november. Then when ab5 isnt a thing they can take away the new screen we all love. Few more months if driving and im done. Thankgoodness
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    Got the new screen today finally.

    Anyone still not have it?
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    SAN airport attendant told me to put five in my car.

    No, it was a much younger guy.
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    SAN airport attendant told me to put five in my car.

    Dropped off, got a rematch. Family of five trying to give me their code, attendent asked "they will fit right?"
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    I still have it in my settings
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    Uber NYE quest

    This is what i got offered. Staying home.
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    Uber new years eve quest.

    This is what i got offered. Going to stay home. 3