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    Done with ride sharing!!

    Add me to the data base @jaybx17 . Started 4 1/2 years ago and so much has changed . I know this is a tired story but back then money was easy to make and you did not have to spend all day on the road you would still have time to make some money and take the family out . Leaving home to spend...
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    Taxi driver killed in the BRONX!!!!AGAIN!!!!

    So this guy probably doing street hail in the front and got robbed. He got out of his car to chase the guy and somehow end up getting run over by his own car. He would still be alive if he did not get robbed so the robbery cost him his life...
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    Thieves stole over $10,000 Racks from Uber /Lyft drivers

    Damn that sucks I bet these were T76 and up victims . I would never let any pax touch my phone how I know they will not go in my photo album bank account app or messages.
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    The price some pax pay for order poop/line rides.

    She is a beautiful girl feel bad for her. But I feel if she would have order a regular Lyft ride this would not have happen to her .She would have walk out her friends house into her waiting...
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    Uber to block low rating Pax from using the service in Australia. No tip =2 star:D.
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    Would have been better he just stay home this morning .
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    The story I’ve been waiting to read in the news .

    Been waiting to ready about this shit for a long time . Let this be a lesson for those poop/line luving pax . Stop being cheap it could cost you your life .
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    This is getting serious 4 taxi drivers killed themself since November.

    Mostly the post will voice this . Waiting to see this on a major tv news network .
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    You could now have Ads in your vehicle just like yellow and green cabs :)

    I wonder how much they would be paying to run a electronic tablet with advertisement in our vehicle
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    LYFY streak bonus???

    So Lyft been send me text all weekend complete 4 trips in a row better certain time and get $25 . This morning I woke up and they offering $50 for 5 trips in a row between 12:30 and 3:30 . My question is has anyone cash in on this ? I’ve been jerk by lift before and I know they are the masters...
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    Uber Drivers on the Island Already talking about Strike ..

    So it's been about two months since this new law change allowing anyone to do uber on the island . Now drivers talking about a strike to protest the pennies they drive for . ..
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    Quest without Boost ?? Anyone else ??

    Anyone else got Quest only without boost ? I wonder if this is the future no surge no boost . It's a way for uber to save money by not paying boost .
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    As your already know the laws change in New York regarding ride sharing . Now T&LC plates cannot and will not get trips in Long Island or westchester . Therefore all thouse TLC drivers that avoid the boroughs and driver in Long Island and westchester will have no choice but to come back adding...
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    UBER setting us up for something big ..

    So tomorrow Monday 5-22-17 is the big day . What's your quest ? Uber is giving me boost of 1.7 quest $65 for 20 trips .. Lyft offer me $300 before taxes and fees for 15 trips .
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    What is LYFT up to?? Did you get the Email?

    So Lyft just send me a Email guarantee $300 for 15 trips and you must keep a 90% acceptance rate . And that's for next week shit I will do 20 trips and call it a week .
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    Mother's Day demand .

    Mothers day is Sunday . does anyone remember if there is a lot of demand for trips ??
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    That one PAX that got away .

    Have you ever pick up a passenger and they just make you wish the trip would never end ? That one passenger that was interested in who was driving them asking questions about who you are what do you like to do where your from ? . I had that a few months back passenger from JFK going to Fort Lee...
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    What's your uber boost/ Quest for weekend 05-06-17

    So uber giving me $40 for 35 trips and boost of 1.3 . WTF I'm going to do with $40 that's not even a tank of gas . And I bet they will be sending a million poops trips and I should accept them for $40 Ok uber we will have a fun weekend ..