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  1. Vernomalus95

    Hopkins Rider App Dropoff Spot!

    WHEN am I going to have to QUIT educating Pax on where the Hopkins drop-off is, like I just took a lost sick puppy to the pound? It's getting Uber-freaking old. Hey, look, I basically ignore Hopkins. Pickups from Hopkins, quite frankly, aren't ALLOWED in my car, unless extreme surge grabs me...
  2. Vernomalus95

    We Dont Use Km/hr in America, Uber!!

    Which begs the disgusting question...WHO THE HELL CALIBRATED MY APP FOR KM/HR!!??
  3. Vernomalus95

    Yet again, no pings

    Carebear, one thing to evaluate with a surge area is WHY that area is surging. The only surges in Uber that are not generally bullshitty follow under two important qualifications: 1. Closing Times 2. Big Events (and, no, not even the average Cavs game with LEBRON STILL HERE truly qualified as...
  4. Vernomalus95

    Uber's "Experiment"

    In app, few weeks ago I received a message telling me Uber was "experimenting" with showing me an estimated amount of time the trip will take before acceptance but to "keep seeing this trip time info" I have to maintain 85% acceptance rate, which I'm hoping acceptance and then cancellation of...
  5. Vernomalus95

    2 Ideas

    I've actually been pleasantly surprised with Uber's recent attempts to "up their game." Most notably, I IMMENSELY appreciate the charge for waiting time as on Friday and Saturday I routinely get those 4 or 5 riders who mistakenly believe I have ALL NIGHT LONG to spend on them. However, I still...
  6. Vernomalus95

    DST and Last Call/Closing Times

    Would somebody be kind enough to refresh my memory (can't believe I don't remember...) how this goes with the bars tonight when the clock skips ahead? The 3 am hour will be what the 2 am hour usually is yeah?
  7. Vernomalus95

    Earnings Boost Suggestions

    Pretty good for minimum fares, at least, and I'm generally a fan of anything that beefs up minimum fares. For the 11:30-1:30 block it works, oddly enough. The 1:30-3:00 x1.5 is a bit more annoying because, quite frankly, in Lakewood and Downtown it's more profitable shutting your app off and...
  8. Vernomalus95

    Interesting Offer

    ???? 1. No info on how many miles will be driven 2. Paid per hour but not saying how much I'd say if Uber wants drivers for this "On-Demand" event it needs to be a little more forthcoming on the details... Then again this is just sign-up....
  9. Vernomalus95

    Downtown is a nightmare

    Nobody has thought to fix that yet, so figured I would. Congratulations, first of all, on the sick bank you made. That is truly ill. Mad props notwithstanding. If only your attitude could have been adjusted accordingly out of respect for the city and fans you made it off of. There was...
  10. Vernomalus95

    Invited to drive in Cleveland....

    Yes because there's nothing in Cleveland except airport, hotels and the convention center on straight direct shots from each other LOL. Have fun with the interstate mergers LOL. I mean...the general comedy of where 90, 176, 71, 490 AND 77 spaghetti around one another (in general the arteries...
  11. Vernomalus95

    A Way to Shut Off the Ride Ahead

    Let me explain. I am not crazy of course I realize this has resulted in a boost to productivity. Nor do I want to shut off the ride-ahead feature any amount of time more than about 2% of App-On time. But there are some key times that would be uber-convenient to allow me to shut it off: 1. When...
  12. Vernomalus95

    UHH I do this for free now?

    Uber fixed it; no worries. I get it: Nobody likes to see a $74 Uber after that Cavs travesty "witnessed" on Friday. For a moment they did have me paranoid that I had picked up wrong rider. The thing is...she called me to arrange pickup spot because W. 6th had just been "shutoff" by the police...
  13. Vernomalus95

    UHH I do this for free now?

    Well here's how it's "going" with Uber support currently...not well....
  14. Vernomalus95

    UHH I do this for free now?

    I don't think so. Is this what a "fare review" looks like? What are we negotiating here????
  15. Vernomalus95

    Cops Ticketing at Jack Casino/Terminal Tower - Public Square entrance

    Oh cool! something to make Casino pickups MORE difficult! Apparently...PAX being on other side of building from the pin 50% of the time WASNT ENOUGH! This does simplify things for me a tad though: You meet me on Prospect for Casino pickups or you don't get picked up
  16. Vernomalus95


    Great!!! invite a bunch of people unfamiliar with the area who won't know where the hell they're going (I mean...there's GPS...and then there's CLE, as any regular driver here can tell...) to "help-out" during what will probably be the busiest month for Uber in Cleveland history. I hope these...
  17. Vernomalus95

    Rite-Aid Marathon Tip for Newer Drivers

    God bless those brave souls out this morning jogging in such atrocious weather for such a great cause BUT... Your seats, their perspiration+the precipitation drenching their clothes....not a good mixture. Has happened to me twice already. (In fairness, over the summer, with humid...
  18. Vernomalus95

    Smartphone Advice

    I have been on a Verizon share plan with another family through church for about 10 years now with a stone age fliphone. I'm not the biggest fan of change, not too "into" the smart device thing and they only charge me 25 bucks a money. WorkED for me. However, I'm not the "controlling interest"...
  19. Vernomalus95

    Hopkins Airport Queue: Estimated wait time added to Uber driver app

    Pulled in last night, no pop up. Waited about 15 mins. then started driving away and a few more mins down 237 (always happens lol) a ping. Out to Solon eek. No estimate though, what gives, mcgrUber? I even installed the update. Headscratcher.
  20. Vernomalus95

    Hopkins Airport Queue: Estimated wait time added to Uber driver app

    Does it pop up when you enter the queue?