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  1. UberGeo

    It appears that Goober is really thinning the herd this time.

    Yes... SJ, but in PA network. Get free drives back and forth all day. I choose Philly for rideshare because rates are higher and promotions are 5 to 10 minutes away.
  2. UberGeo

    Multi-State Drivers

    Jersey likes to give longer drives of 5 to 15 miles or more.
  3. UberGeo

    Uber Comfort/Lyft Lux

    Not even funny
  4. UberGeo

    I’m finally out!

    Easy... started around $4/mile, constant surge multiplier Now... changes every day
  5. UberGeo

    Another list of gig jobs

    Sprig, Caviar, Munchery, Eat24, DoorDash, Grubhub, Google Express, AmazonFresh, Instacart, Lyft, Sidecar, Maple, Munchery, Amazon, Uber, Favor, Waitr, Bite Squad, gopuff and Bird. Instacart Shipt Doordash Ubereats Grubhub Uber Delivery Postmates
  6. UberGeo

    Daily Strategy for Full time NJ Drivers

    Join Philadelphia or nj facebook page, you will get better info if you need help.
  7. UberGeo

    FAIR Leasing ceasing operations in Philly

    Many options... go into uber app... to vechicle... to i need a vehicle
  8. UberGeo

    Trump Rally Wildwood

  9. UberGeo

    You're never off the chopping block

    Falcon zero
  10. UberGeo

    For Those of you who said..........

    Uber already does offer special insurance. I have been paying that extra coverage on every ride, plus I have extra coverage in my insurance for ride share. We set rates by deciding to accept or not... no surge or long local trip.... I decline. It never mattered to me about my acceptance...
  11. UberGeo

    For Those of you who said..........

    Hoping you are wrong... just as you appear to be on this ons. That decrease from 1.10 to .64 last when they increased the minutes was just wrong too.
  12. UberGeo

    For Those of you who said..........

    Yay, back to the old ways! Now if rates would return to $1.70 DTS and $1.15 PA/NJ, then I would be very happy.
  13. UberGeo

    Uber y2k (20)

    I am cracking up. Roflol.... I Ignore everyone who is a jerk!!!!
  14. UberGeo

    Retiring from uber driving and from uber people message board

    That was my goal last year. I am getting there. Had a few major repairs... transmission, collapsed sewer pipes in rental, replaced water heater, a separation, and still not living paycheck to paycheck because of rideshare/flex... so that driving helped keep me afloat. Uber/Lyft has taken...
  15. UberGeo

    Uber y2k (20)

    I was never part of the group, but i definitely used to keep my eyes wide open for a few certain group of cars... I knew when they moved in a group it was time for me to move with them. I knew they were creating surge. Sometimes, they would get me by pinging my car for a ride... then cancel...
  16. UberGeo

    It finally happened

    There's your answer... inappropriate conversation is a good reason to complain. Listen, when a passenger, especially a pool does not like something that you say no to, put a complaint in immediately. It only takes a few minutes.
  17. UberGeo

    Official NYE recap thread

    Happy New Year!!! May everyone live long and prosper, be blessed, live prayerfully and make happy memories.
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    So no ammo is allowed in the vehicle?
  19. UberGeo


    Where's the Ammo