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    Bought a 2007 Toyota Avalon for $4000

    These are the type of cars that should be used doing this, but people insist on taking out loans buying new cars to uber in. Sounds like a smart business move to me. An 07 avalon is a solid car too.
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    Ubermike heading to Greenwich Connecticut

    That guy just ain't right upstairs
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    2014 Cadillac XTS

    I know one guy that had one and it was nothing but problems for him. The car was always in the shop. Parts are expensive too. Nice looking car though. I believe his was either a 15 or 16.
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    AT&T services

    I just switched to att prepaid last month. Unlimited everything for $45 per month, but they had a special going last month. Regular price is $55. You can get a much better unlimited plan with att than the $120 you're paying now. https://www.att.com/prepaid/plans.html
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    Tell them to shove their meaningless stars and spare change up their racist ass next time they say that to you.
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    MPG dropped after putting new tires on :/

    Those clowns never get it right. They're always in a rush. I always check the air after they inflate it and it's never right.
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    MPG dropped after putting new tires on :/

    You shouldn't drop that much with new tires going from all season to all season. Even when i put winter tires on, i lose mpg, but it's not that bad. How much psi are you running in each tire? You checked to make sure your pressures are right and they're not under or over inflated?
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    Need Windshield Replaced?

    Willets point used to be the spot for this. Just drive around long island city. You'll pass 5 shops on every block that will do it for like $200.
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    Atlas vs 4runner

    For personal use, buy whatever floats your boat. I just wouldn't buy anything brand new. Too much depreciation after those first couple years that it's just not worth it to me. Buy something that's a couple years old, but still in new condition with low miles. It's still basically a new car...
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    Wheel alignment recommendations

    That's the place. I've only gone there for alignments when i needed them. I usually just do the firestone lifetime alignments, but have gone to redline before and never had any issues, but i've also never bought tires from them either. It was always just for alignments for $40.
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    Wheel alignment recommendations

    Red line by lga on northern blvd. They charge $40 for livery cars. It's 24 hours but get there before 5 because that's when their alignment guys leave.
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    He’s backkkkkkkkkkkk

    Exactly 1552059343 Don't believe everything you see online. Mike's a pathological liar. The person that started this thread is mike. He's got about 60 names on this site and half of them have been banned already. He's been doing this for years. He loves the attention. And just because he...
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    He’s backkkkkkkkkkkk

    That clown doesn't have a limo business. He spends 25 hours a day on uber and probably got a couple clients he drives from that and that's his "limo business". He has no contacts or connections in this business. All he knows in this business is what uber gives him. His whole nonsense...
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    Is Firestone trying to screw me

    I've got access to repair manuals for basically any car. Here's a pdf copy of the service manual for rear shocks on a 16 prius. It's a pretty simple job. You can knock out both sides in like an hour with basic tools.
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    I just financeed a 2019 camry se with pushing button start for 30000$

    My first car in this business was a 2001 lincoln town car with 280k miles and a cracked bumper that i bought off another driver for like $2000. Complete piece of garbage, but the car was paid for and cost basically nothing. I was getting like $3.50 a mile at the time and business was great...
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    UBERMIKE is going Thru it!!

    Great another Megatron thread by Megatron
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    Is Firestone trying to screw me

    Order some kyb's or Monroe's off rockauto and just bring them to one of the 50,000 shops around the city. Don't let some chain place do work for you. They're overpriced hacks. And that's assuming you even need the shocks. Why did they say you needed them? Are they leaking? Is the car...
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    I need a alingment and and shocks joints checked after going over a pot hole yesterday.

    Toe is probably off. Have them put it back on the machine and check their work. Shocks and end links don't really affect if the car drives straight or not unless the parts are bent and everything is out of whack. Tie rods adjust toe. If toe is off, you'll pull to one side or another.
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    I need a alingment and and shocks joints checked after going over a pot hole yesterday.

    They're all over. The one i got it at this year was the one in the bronx on boston rd, but you can bring them wherever you want once you've got it. I go to the one in stamford sometimes. Sometimes i'll go to the one in white plains. It doesn't matter, they're all the same. And don't let...
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    I need a alingment and and shocks joints checked after going over a pot hole yesterday.

    I do it with all my cars. They go on sale a lot and drop down to like $170 from $200. Doesn't really help now but on new years day every year, they do it for $120. It's a one day sale they do every year. No hidden costs. Bring it in every day for an alignment if you want. Doesn't cost a...