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  1. Tom2828

    Finally Ola paid my NYE triple corn :)

    While I'm away and after few emails to Ola lovely support I finally got my $236 power zone bonus for my $118 NYE trip. Total $354 ,not bad for 39 minutes trip :) Attached another lovely corn from this night, had another short in 3 hours work from 12:30-3:30.
  2. Tom2828

    Didi BS PR

    https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/ride-share-drivers-passengers-deserve-a-better-deal-says-didi-20181205-p50kby.html Wow only 5% let's all reject Uber surge and work for less than $1 per km lol
  3. Tom2828

    Uber trials UberX+ 'enhanced service'

    Uber Australia is trialling a more exclusive version of its UberX ride-sharing scheme under the banner of UberX+. Promising 'an enhanced service at an affordable price', UberX+ draws from a pool of 'experienced, highly-rated driver-partners with newer, spacious cars'. If it helps, think of...
  4. Tom2828

    Poor ant got into tram lines lol

    Sitting in sk and saw this poor ant lol
  5. Tom2828

    Upfront is ripping up pax this morning lol

    Upfront went nuts this morning charging pax almost double. My friend got ap city on X for $60 Lol
  6. Tom2828

    Ola took destination but show trip amount lol

    After accepting ping, look at the amount. If it's not big just cancel lol
  7. Tom2828

    Turf war brewing in Wollongong where Sydney drivers are warned to ‘stay out’

    https://www.news.com.au/finance/business/other-industries/turf-war-brewing-in-wollongong-where-sydney-drivers-are-warned-to-stay-out/news-story/94a5c5fb5603f3a904ab9ea45b044de8 Lol
  8. Tom2828

    Drivers in revolt over 'pay cuts' as Uber faces new competition

    Article in SMH
  9. Tom2828

    90k pax at MCG today

    For all the base ants, this is your day. City is also packed with people and lots of street are closed. Surge pings guarentee !
  10. Tom2828

    Took my first pool today lol

    So I've been good ant today. Took 40+ ping back from Pakenham to MCG after nice corn then ended up around Preston, footy surge was about to die and all I'm getting is short crap surge trip. So instead of going 40 minutes back empty I tried my luck and decided to be good ant. Sara probably loves...
  11. Tom2828

    Uber drivers can get unemployment benefits, rules New York State

    https://mashable.com/2018/07/20/uber-unemployment-benefits-new-york/ Interesting.
  12. Tom2828

    Gold rush australia 2018

    I've been today in Uber ants hub for my yearly inspection. Spent almost 2 hours :( Looks like the gold rush is on. Ants claiming they making "good money" on Uber. Cleaning 1200 a week for full time. Claiming surge is gone. So sad :(
  13. Tom2828

    Rideshare in Australia - interesting article

    Finally decent one: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-06-25/ride-sharing-shofer-taxify-gocatch-shebah-uber-ola-didi/9905360
  14. Tom2828

    Has anyone done a Pool ride yet?

  15. Tom2828

    Uber if fighting back

    My gf took 2 uber ladt night and got massive discount without any reason or explanation. Both base trips. Look like uber is trying to fight back and not by dropping rates.
  16. Tom2828

    Surge cap ?

    Look like Sarah doesn't want bad publicity.
  17. Tom2828

    Am I lucky?

    The surge was 1.5
  18. Tom2828

    Luxury X ants

    I was in the airport after a nice corn and found out some very smart business owners that happy to wait and take X pax in these luxury cars. I was chatting with the bimmer ant and he told me the car is very economical, takes only 6.5L per 100. He can't realise that he's not making money. Post...
  19. Tom2828

    Sara turned off the surge today.

    It looks like Sara turned off the surge today. 19 minutes pickup time in South Yarra and no surge. Good luck base ants, prepare for loooong pings tonight lol
  20. Tom2828

    Uber price vs Ola & taxify

    Look like Uber is much cheaper than Ola. Just picked up random address towards the airport. Taxify is the cheapest with the 15% discount but when it will end it will be like ola. Why pax will choose ola or taxify? When uber is surging non of them will have cars available.