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  1. BigO in Tulsa


    TJ, there are typically a small number of us that work the wee hours of the morning. I know this response comes too late for this specific need but I didn't want your question to stay unanswered. Personally, I pull out of the driveway to start my day of driving around 4am. If you are...
  2. BigO in Tulsa

    Just Curious About Tulsa Airport

    During the month of June 2018 - out of my 270 trips, 45 of them were transporting customers to the airport. I only stayed around long enough to pick up 13 customers who were leaving the airport. Like Nick3946, if the queue is long, I don't wait. If there are three or less Uber drivers in the...
  3. BigO in Tulsa

    Are midweek concerts at the BOK center worth staying out late for?

    I was driving during BOK's Sugarland country and western concert last night (7/20/18). I took five rides to the BOK center - three of them were XL rides. There were a couple times where surge pricing showed up over the downtown area but I never got a surge ride from it. BigO in Tulsa
  4. BigO in Tulsa

    Uber Select worth it?

    Trent, you probably already have your answer since your post this past December, but I'll put in my information. I have a vehicle that qualifies for X, XL, and Select. There are some occasions that I will limit my driving to XL and Select only but those don't often happen. If I want to spend...
  5. BigO in Tulsa

    Enjoying the heat of summer!

    Enjoying the heat of summer!