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  1. DrivingForYou

    Identification and Driver & Rider Safety

    IDENTIFICATION and DRIVER & RIDER SAFETY I used to ask a passenger their name, as in "Are you Sarah?" And THIS IS WRONG. It makes it all too easy to get a wrong rider or a hijacking rider. It is also very wrong for a passenger to say to a driver "who are you here for" as this is what hijacking...
  2. DrivingForYou

    Long-Ride Rider Tries To Scam LOL, Film At 11

    YESTERDAY So I get a long ride out to Victorville with a small 1.2x surge, and I take it. Rider identifies themselves by name, and when as I confirm the address, she give me the exact correct address before I finish. When I get out to her address as shown in the app, she asks to extend the...
  3. DrivingForYou

    Planning New Class Action Suit Against Screwber

    Okay, so I am collecting evidence and believe there is a new class action possible (two actually). 1) Uber is consistently shorting drivers on miles, especially if you use Google Maps or Waze. If you use Google Maps or Waze, take a screen shot at the start of the ride of Google maps and the...
  4. DrivingForYou

    Uber wants me to sign their petition? LOL

    The app just asked me to sign a petition to allow UBER to continue to treat us like toilet paper. LOL. I deleted everything they “Pre-wrote” and put this instead: UBER IS A TERRIBLE COMPANY. Uber asked me to sign this Petition in their favor but I refuse. Instead I am writing to ask the...
  5. DrivingForYou

    Uber’s Latest Theft of Driver’s Pay.

    So took a couple to LAX today, usual standard route 101/110 to 105 etc. Uber then rates the ride as a straight line distance. They owe me $8.40, and phone support is useless as always. Watch your apps folks. This is the third time they’ve done this. This is class action material — if they’ve...
  6. DrivingForYou

    What Passengers Aren't Told About Lyft and Uber

    A DRIVER TELLS ALL A Driver's Perspective of Getting the Most From Rideshare Services I drive Lyft and Uber. Professional service is my goal — I am a 4.95+ rated driver (Clean roomy Camry Hybrid with leather seats, equipped with multiple phone chargers for passengers, XMRadio, and mints). In...
  7. DrivingForYou

    Rating Passengers

    There is one aspect of Uber that beats Lyft: passenger ratings are generally accurate. Unfortunately Lyft makes it very easy for passengers to get a fresh account and a new 5 star rating, AND they auto rate all passengers 5 stars. But ratings are how drivers communicate to each other, and we...
  8. DrivingForYou

    What the CPUC ruling REALLY means

    So, lets put the poorly written web quality journalism aside. Those writers don't seem able to read and understand a legal decision. Let's look at how this will affect US as DRIVERS: --- IT WON'T --- I've read the entire CPUC decision, and it really has to do with piercing the corporate veil...
  9. DrivingForYou

    A Few Words on Gas and Operating Costs

    While gas prices have been steadily rising, Uber rates have stayed the same. It's also useful to note that Uber rates across the country have no correlation to gas prices. Look at the gas price heat map in the image below: Of course, the USA still has some of the cheapest gas in the world -...
  10. DrivingForYou

    How To Get Deactivated In a Few Easy Steps

    So, as I have learned recently, Uber does not care if you are a complete professional and providing excellent service. They simply consider drivers to be meat puppets, easily replaced by any other warm body. They don't care if you've been an excellent brand ambassador. You are just a bug in...
  11. DrivingForYou

    Scheduled pick up for big bucks!!

    Damn! Look at this sweet ride! Too bad I have to sleep in, but one of you lucky guys can have it!
  12. DrivingForYou

    Permanent LAX Ban

    After an appeal, I am told I am permanently banned from LAX, and they refuse to tell me why. The support girl at the hub, (the African American with the two toned hair) , was cold, unfriendly, and unhelpful. I have never violated anything in any written rule or TOS. But apparently there are...
  13. DrivingForYou

    deactivated from airports??

    I never cherry pick or do ANYTHING fraudulent whatsoever. My acceptance rating is 50 to 90 percent and my cancel rating is under 3%. WTF
  14. DrivingForYou

    Proactive tipping notice

    I put the following statement under "fun fact" on my profile in the app: "Uber no longer includes gratuities in your fare - please remember to tip, as we rely on tips for our income. Thank you!!" My tips have quadrupled. Rather than moaning here on UPnet, we need to be proactive and educate...
  15. DrivingForYou

    Ratings Broken?

    wondering if anybody else is having this problem. Starting a few days ago, my ratings have not been updating. They've been stuck at the same number of five star trips and overall total ratings for the last several days, despite the fact that I've been getting new badges and new five star notes...
  16. DrivingForYou

    The fall and fall and fall of Travis.

    Just read this: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2018-01-18/the-fall-of-travis-kalanick-was-a-lot-weirder-and-darker-than-you-thought?utm_source=social&utm_medium=Facebook&utm_campaign=iQ_Level-2_retargeting_traffic&utm_content=businessweek
  17. DrivingForYou

    Express Pool is here

    So saw ExpressPool is now in the pax app. Now I guess there's another kind of request to ignore. LOL.
  18. DrivingForYou

    Driving time count down timer

    in the latest app update, under "account" there is now a countdown timer so you can see how much driving time you have left:
  19. DrivingForYou

    Upfront Pricing Dead?? Latest Uber app takes away fare details

    I just updated my app last night, and now I can no longer see "fare details". Now it is showing fares the same way Lyft does - fare with breakdown and "Uber fee" but it does not show the "booking fee" nor does it show the LAX $4 fee, AND all payouts show the Uber fee being exactly 25%. Other...
  20. DrivingForYou

    Lyft Deactivations

    Wow. All I am seeing here in the Lyft forum is deactivations. Obviously Lyft passengers have clued in that they can scam a free ride by lying and getting a driver deactivated. This is a problem Lyft needs to address immediately. It hasn't happened to me, but if it does I am already considering...